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Zero Gravity Chair Review: Helpful Tips for PurchaseKnown also as a anti gravity chair, or a zero gravity recliner, zero gravity chair review by health specialists shows that its health benefits such as muscles tension and pain cure, increased lung capacity, improved blood circulation are hard to achieve on any other equipment. It is recommended for use after operations, especially back surgery.Using zero gravity chairs is the most restful experience. However, to receive the most benefits you need to get the chair that suits you the best. Here are some things to help you choose it well:• Customer zero gravity chair review shows that testing it is similar to buying a clothes article or shoes. The chair has to “fit” you. Test the chair by sitting in it in your favorite position and notice how it feels. Zero gravity chair is a costly purchase so you make sure you are getting exactly what you like. Do not let a salesman rush you, try different models and test the model you like the most several times. Also, there are some companies that offer to customize the chair just for you. They will take full measurements of your body and adjust chairs length, depth and other parameters to fit it best for you. Of course, it will cost more but you will be sure the chair fits you like a glove and you will receive maximum benefits. • The choice of materials for a zero gravity chair comes to leather and suede. Suede, being a common material for sofas and lounge chairs, is typically cheaper, but it is also less durable. The surface textures of two materials give different feelings and it is up to your preference what to choose. • Another important aspect is padding made of memory foam, which will remember your body shape and adjust to it, providing additional comfort. It is important the foam is of the best quality so that the padding will not wear out because of extensive use. • Zero gravity chairs come with a manual or electric reclining mechanism. It is only a matter of your preferences and your health condition what to choose. • Some zero gravity chairs come with massage features. This feature severely affects the cost, doubling or, even, tripling it. However, many find the combination of zero gravity and massage the most satisfying. • Also, before buying a chair make sure your weight does not exceed the chair’s weight limitation, otherwise, the materials and mechanism will wear faster.We hope that the zero gravity chair review presented here will help you in finding your ideal model.