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Zack LossingMrs. FarrEnglish 12/Period 617 January 2018Power Hungry Government    The world we live in is surrounded by power-hungry people who will do anything for a grain of power under their belt. In “1984” the state uses all of its power to control the people of Oceania and keep them ignorant, leading them to gain even more power over their people. This type of power starving/power hungry attitude is what led countries like Cuba, China, and North Korea to communism. The state, in “1984” will do anything in its power, from brainwashing, to erasing past history in the means to keep control. They use extreme measures to keep its power, such as, carefully monitoring the behavior of all citizens through something known as “telescreens”, undergoing constant warfare which drowns people in fear, and even controls the past, present, and future.The state monitors all people through telescreens in each house to keep track of what every single individual is doing. The main character in the story states how above and beyond the government goes: “Any sound Winston makes would be picked up by it telescreen; moreover, so long as he remained in the field of vision, he could be seen as well as heard.” (Orwell 105). The citizens in this novel have no privacy once so ever. They even know that they are being watched no matter where they are, which keeps the citizens in check and scares them away from any harsh decisions they might think of, resulting in no breaking of laws. This is a complete breach in privacy that the power hungry government of “1984” preaches. And in America, we are protected under the 4th Amendment stating, “the people have the right to be secure in their persons and houses”, but is this amendment really saving Americans from “telescreens”.Just like the novel’s government, America is doing this exact thing to the citizens of their own country. The new age of televisions, “smart TV”, the ones connected to the internet, not only entertain us, but also is a gateway for the government not only to see but hear everything within the room: “Smart TV models were already spying on you for their vendors and government agencies.” (USA These new TV’s made from Samsung and LG and many more companies are giving the government easy access to American citizens living rooms, literally being a “Big Brother”, which is the propaganda leader in the novel “1984”. This is not needed, but is another example of governments being power hungry, and wanting to control as much as possible. Whether we look at “1984” or the real life scenarios, it is not only wrong but immoral and shows the government using their power for control.War puts people in fear which is why the state in “1984” stays in constant warfare to keep their citizens surrounded in fear. Characters from the novel couldn’t even think of a time where their state was in peace: “Winston could not definitely remember a time when his country had not been at war.” (Orwell 96). This is used as a method to not only keep the citizens in fear, but also make the people appreciate the state more, thinking that the military does so much for them. But, in reality, this constant warfare is just the governments technique to once again keep the people under their control, stopping them from ever being able to overthrow. And although there always at war, they seem to convince the citizens that they are winning the war, yet being never ending.    The state says they are “winning the war”, putting this propaganda like message out to the public that they protect their citizens well, wanting and receiving appreciation from the people. The loudspeakers are used in such announcements, and blast over the whole state saying: “Our forces in South India won a glorious victory” (Orwell 129). Although they say they “won” they seem to always be at war, fighting enemy after enemy. The idea of keeping in constant war not only makes the people fear but also keeps them appreciative that the state is fighting to keep them safe, but in reality, it’s all a lie. But who would want to overthrow a state whose doing so good in a war?    The history is altered in “1984” to not let the people know of the past, and for them to know nothing but how it is now. The state even adds things into the history to make the people believe things that are really non-existent: “The lie passed into history and became truth.” (Orwell 39). Since the state does this, it keeps the people uninformed and ignorant, knowing no other life than the one they are living. This keeps the citizens from overthrowing or protesting the state, because if they knew what the new government did to get its power, then they might’ve been overthrown by now. But, this doesn’t only happen in the novel, but also in our daily lives.    Just like the novel, in today’s world, we see some history books that students are reading not only containing facts but also opinions, persuading them to a certain side in certain situations. Some schools have caught this and seen first hand at their own students reading an opinion: “Some history books used opinion, sometimes, twisting people’s thoughts and swaying students to one side on a certain matter.” ( Schools use history books that could sometimes put a bad spotlight on someone in history because of their political views, and this could cause a ripple effect through other generations. A change in history really causes change, it could be slight, like an opinion in this case, or dramatic, like “1984”, but regardless it is wrong and these booked should never be taught in classes.Some may say that people aren’t power hungry and only do these actions to keep the citizens safe and innocent. Many people might want to be clouded from the past so they don’t know any different from their own life. Which were to make sense if the past was better than it is now, keeping the citizens clouded from this will let them be safe. Of course this is a valid point, but there are other ways the government can keep the citizens safe other than using its power to keep the citizens not only ignorant but also fearful. People need to be free, to have their own privacy, to be able to know their history and not have to live in a life of fear.Warfare, no privacy, and controlling the past is just a few of many ways a government can control its people through the power they possess. Power hungry governments such as the state in the novel will go to any means necessary to keep its people uninformed and unable to rebel against, having complete control. The world has seen the things that “1984” has done. Communism, where a country is controlled by one leader, is all because of power and the leader will do whatever it takes to not be overthrown by the people, and this leads to keeping the people ignorant, like Kim Jong Un does, and like “Big Brother” does in “1984”.    Works CitedBaig, Edward C. “Now Even the TVs Are Allegedly Spying on You.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 8 Mar. 2017, 2017/03/07/just-how-risky-smart-tv-phone-fridge/98865598/.Fukuyama, Francis. “The Future Is History.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 3 Oct. 2017, history.html.Orwell, George. 1984. Ishi Press International, 1949.