‘You he was constantly told that he was a

are a product of your environment’. I could not say I agree or disagree with
this statement because it is a matter of individual circumstances thus by me
agreeing or disagreeing it would be me generalising and being ignorant.
However, I think you are a product of your environment if you allow yourself to
be. What I mean by this is there are numerous people whom I know who have not let
their family or academic life affect their success. One person who really
proves this is a youtuber called Ibz Mo. Ibz mo came from a dysfunctional and
chaotic family life he had no one to support him and was extremely bullied not
only by students but by teachers during his time at high school. Every day he
was constantly told that he was a failure and he would not make it far in life
which resulted in him getting below average GCSE results. Yet, during his time
at college he was determined to make a change and not let his family life, or
the constant bullying affect him, and he achieved 2A* and one A and is
currently studying HSPS at Cambridge University- which would not have been
possible if he let himself become a product of his own environment. I, myself
could relate to Ibz Mo’s story as throughout high school I was constantly told
that there is no point in me revising or trying hard by my own family, but I
did not let their opinions affect me and I managed to achieve results that I am
very proud of.  Not letting yourself
become a product of your environment is not as easy as it sounds as it takes a
lot of mental and physical strength which some people may not have. This is
made evident in young people who turn to crime and deviance because they are
socialised by their peers to behave in that manner. Which is unfortunate
because to some people their friends are the only role models they have.
Growing up in ‘rough’ areas where crime rates are high and the amount of people
who have been to university is low can lead vulnerable young children taking
what they think is the inevitable path that is set out for them because they
have no one to guide them to do otherwise. But, this cannot be said for all
young people as some of the most successful people have come from environments
that if they let themselves become a ‘product’ of would not have achieved half
the things they have achieved today. I firmly believe that if vulnerable young
people are educated on the different paths and careers they can take on in life
it would reduce people becoming ‘products of their environment’ but will not
stop it because in, my opinion, it is about a persons willpower and strength
and only that person can control of that