You had began to do were impossible for her

You are a young 12 year old in Salem, MA. You are resting down for the night but suddenly you hear screaming and yelling and strangely, in Strasbourg, France, people are dancing in the streets of town as well. This situation has truly happened in the 17th Century. Witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and the dancing plague in Strasbourg, France in 1518 are two historic phenomena. There are many similarities and differences for the theorized causes of the events.The first similarity of the possible causes of the events are that they are all sensed as a disorder, or dysfunction of the humans natural order. The unknown activities of the Salem Witch Trial and The Dancing Plague, are stated as negative occurrences and shouldn’t be praised. For example, in the source, Witchcraft In Salem, the author states, “Puritans believed that to become bewitched a witch must draw an individual under a spell. The girls could not have possibly brought this condition onto themselves. Soon they were questioned and forced to name their tormentors.” This means that the townspeople took this as a serious matter and brought it to tests. The second similarity of the possible causes of the events are that they also all were almost certain to have had hallucinations and forced actions involved. For example, in the article,”The Dancing Plague of 1518″ by Doug MacGowan, the author states that, “Frau Troffea began to violently dance in the streets of the city of Strasbourg, France.There was no music and her face betrayed no expression of joy. She appeared unable to stop herself from her frenzy.” This means that the Dancing that Frau had began to do were impossible for her to end, She couldn’t stop. The third example, but first difference of the possible causes of the events are that the punishment, or tests were only in Salem. For example, In the source “Witchcraft In Salem” by, it is stated that , “The famous Salem witchcraft trials began as the girls began to name more and more community members.Evidence admitted in such trials was of five types. First, the accused might be asked to pass a test, like reciting the Lord’s Prayer.This seems simple enough. But the young girls who attended the trial were known to scream and writhe on the floor in the middle of the test. It is easy to understand why some could not pass…” There were only punishments in Salem because the actions done in Salem were considered as something against the religion.