You Dream” seem to have nothing in common. One

You Might think that “Wonder,” and ” The Running Dream” seem to have nothing in common. One story is about A 5th grade boy named Auggie who is learning how to fit in with the rest of the kids in his school. While the other story is about a senior in high school, who is learning how to interact with things again after getting her new prosthetic leg. When you dig a little bit deeper into each of the stories you can see that both of the characters are trying to learn how to accept themselves for who they are. In the novel “Wonder,” the author shows us that it takes a lot of hard work to fit in with kids, that don’t always think the same way as you do.In the beginning of the story “Wonder,” August decides that he doesn’t want to be homeschooled anymore and he decided that it was time for him to start going to school at a public school. More towards the middle of the story, Auggie is seeing that people actually want to be friends with him. Auggie then learns that those  people are willing to stand up for him in difficult situations. Later on Auggie sees that there are still boys in his class that are picking on him all the time. Auggie knew that he was going to get through those tough times though, and having true friends that were there for August made him feel more confident about himself, and how he looks. The lesson is clear that August found out that accepting who you are makes people see that he isn’t afraid to stand up for himself anymore In the book ” The Running Dream,” senior Jessica also shows that after her accident that she’ll have to work harder to fit back in again. In the beginning of the story, Jessica had gotten in an accident, on her way to a track meet. Jessica had ended up losing the bottom half of her right leg. In the middle of the story, Jessica was able to get a prosthetic leg. Jessica’s track team was doing a lot of fundraising to try to get Jessica to get a running leg. At the end of the story, Jessica was able to get her running leg, but also make another person feel the best she’s ever felt! Jessica knew that people were going to look at her different from now on, but Jessica learns that that’s how her life is going to be, and that she’ll have to accept who she is. Both of these stories tell us that you’ll need to learn how to accept yourself at some point no matter what. In “Wonder,” August was letting people get to him before he learned how to accept himself. In the Book, “The Running Dream,” Jessica didn’t really have people picking on her, it was more how she was going to be able to do what she loves again. In the end of both of these stories accepting who they are, was the best things for their lives, that we could also do.