Yes, who can develop or build up the organization.

Yes, according to me employers must
choose both agreeable employees and top performers on the basis of requirements
of the job that has to be done. According to this case study. Employees are the
individuals who will stir up well in association, have confidence in
cooperation, as to work consciously so the atmosphere of the organization stays
motivational. Agreeable employees are more decisive in their work while an
organization needs top performers likewise who can develop or build up the
organization. In spite of the fact that they may take a decent pay, however
they are additionally great daring people and can take an organization
exceptionally far and on top in the business on the off chance that they
accomplishment in their hazard. They request great pay, yet they likewise
remunerate it to the organization by performing exceptionally well.

People with a high level of
agreeableness normally have an positive view of human nature and culture. They
tend to give importance to social harmony and healthy relationship, they are
also willing to put aside their interest for other people through decency and
honesty. Agreeable employees tend to be an advantage for building teams and
maintaining harmony at the workplace. Whenever an important decision is made by
an expertise at any critical job situations, agreeable employees would
definitely favour the strategic decision without much negotiations and
arguments. The whole team will obey and respect the decision which is serious
at that point of time. Agreeableness is likely less competitive and less
aggressive nature which has the tendency to much concerned and cooperative
rather than suspicious towards others. An inter-department or staff meeting
discussion which is generally on arguable matters and with the presence of only
agreeable employees (representatives) would may never fulfill the needs and
wants of other members of the organization. Those meeting attendees will
definitely accept all the matter that favours the chairperson (other department
representative such as human resource). This is ultimately unfair to the others
and may cause discomfort among employees after the implementation of those
decisions made during the meeting. Therefore, it is obvious that the effects of
an individual’s personality depend on the arising situation and agreeableness
may not favour all the time. Besides the above situation, there are also some
job nature that requires agreeable qualities such as social workers, nurses,
doctors, school teachers, customer service assistants which require friendly
approaches and pleasant personality to serve the public. However, there are
also jobs that require disagreeable qualities which are competitive and
aggressive in nature. This may apply to sales person, union leaders, military
system, etc.

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The nature of being an agreeable
employee always portray an individual of being kind, warm, friendly,
compassionate and ensure to maintain an harmonious as well as cooperative
working environment. The nature of those qualities much more resembles a women’s
personality in being a caring person and much concern on raising a healthy
family. Agreeable quality is much fitting to the women’s personality rather
than a men’s personality whom would be much concrete and aggressive in leading
a family. Personality is the dynamic organization within an individual of those
physiological systems that exhibits the traits of a person. Ultimately gender
would be a common heredity factor of personality determinants. Therefore, an
agreeableness quality of a women’s personality may be perceived as higher that
of to men in nature. Men are a construct of masculinity versus women empowering
femininity. The concept is much relevant as the society culture favours
masculine roles such as achievement, power, domination and control are mainly
contributed by men. Therefore, a man with agreeable quality often perceived as
being feminine among the peers as well as the society and pursue negative
impacts on earnings more than a woman.