Yes, these days. Big companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler,



Yes, you read it correctly, It is possible to get degree from
outside India totally FREE of cost, What if I say you don’t have to pay a single
penny to the university for your further study, Unbelievable but this is the
truth, In my long span of career I have been meeting different types of students,
some of them were excellent and enormously talented but having tight hand on
financial part, but when I explained them how their dream can come true, You could
see the spark in student’s eyes and the victory smile on parent’s face,

Today, let me share my knowledge about free of cost abroad

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If you are thinking of pursuing your dream of PH.D then
this is ultimate destination for you. There are universities in USA where you
don’t have to pay any kind of tuition fees.

In fact, The University is paying stipend to students,
Sometimes stipend amount is too high that you can pay all your living expenses
and live freely. There are many universities who offers PH.D programs like New
York University, University of California, University of Chicago etc etc..

Apart from PH.D program, there are various types of Scholarships
available in USA. If you qualify for any of scholarship then you can save some
amount from your tuitions fee. Unites stated have designed many types of
scholarships program specially for the international students, eligibility
criteria is not so difficult to get qualified for the same. One can always try.
I have seen students getting scholarship even with poor academic background but
excellent in sports, similarly find your capability and apply for the right
kind of scholarship. Each and every university has their own criteria of


If you are studying in field of Mechanical or automobile then
this is the ultimate destination for you, Germany is the number choice amongst
engineer these days. Big companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, and Bosch are
based in Germany. Students may get work opportunity to work with any of these
reputed brands.

There are major two expenses while you think of further
education in any other country, one is tuition fee and other is living
expenses, Germany provides free education, most of the universities don’t
charge anything. This is how you can save on your tuition fee. Now let’s talk
about living expenses, one can always work on campus and manage living
expenses. I have seen students managing everything by their own. Even weekend
enjoyment expenses.

University situated in Germany offers different type of
programs to International students. Germany is very beautiful country, regular
life become easy if you know German language, the only drawback of this country
is getting settling down permanently. Yes, Germany doesn’t provide permanent
residency options to most of the international students. But you can always
migrate to other country from Germany. Many other doors will get open for you.

You can also study with no tuition fee or low tuition fee
in France, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Italy,
Greece, Spain, Argentina, but according to me all these are not ultimate
destinations for study and they are not attracted by students or parents too.

According to visa point of view choosing right University
and right course is more important than choosing low fee or no fee
destinations. Well, it is totally depend upon student’s choice but I would
personally advice you to choose university depending upon your academics,
budget, Location preference and IELTS/GRE scores.

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kindly write in comment section below we will be more than happy to assist you.