Write lives. Young people feel perfectly comfortable to use

Write an article for a popular magazine in which you
outline your views about the impact of technology on the lives of young people  I believe now more than ever young people spend their time
looking at screens.This is a modern phenomenon that only appears to be increasing
year by year.Young people today have not known what it is to live without
technology. It has been an essential part of their existence in their lives
since birth. They have taken to technology like ducks to water even though
their parents or grandparents may not have been able to operate the most basic
of technologies such as the remote control for the television. When something is in such abundance in your environment from
when you were born, you will adapt and embrace this as being an integrally part
of your very own life. This is what young people have done with technology in
their lives. Young people feel perfectly comfortable to use technology. The impacts of technology are not necessarily good or bad.
Rather, depending on the application of the technology it can either make a
positive impact on young peoples lives or it can make a not so positive impact
on their lives. In a way, growing up in an “age of technology” is a
double-edged sword. While it has an abundance of advantages, it has just as
many, disadvantages. The positive impacts of technology can be simple as the help
in education.Technology has been shown to be useful in education.
Students can access the internet and get the detailed knowledge about any
topic. Teachers can use projects to show the class online resources not even conceivable
with the conventional chalk and blackboard. as well as makes it possible for
each student to learn at their own pace. It is possible to send videos,
pictures and other things with the click of a button. The transfer can happen
in mind boggling efficiency and speed. The capability of modern day Internet
simplifies teenage life, by providing a way to convey knowledge. The Internet
also proves positive is by providing a way to keep in touch with friends and
family worldwide, or just across the road. Then, for the
disadvantages, which many argue are much stronger than the advantages as
well as the copious advantages there are just like with all good things
inevitable drawbacks to technologies also such as isolation, obesity,
depression poor sleep habits and advertising. Isolation is a lack of contact with other people in normal
daily living, such as, in school, with friends and in social activities. Young
people can isolate themselves by walking around in their own world, listening
to their iPods or staring mindlessly at a screen of the latest mobile device
even when we are around other people Obesity can occur when young people spend all their free
time spent on computer games, talking to friends online and watching cat videos
on YouTube, they are spending less time being active or exercising and a great
deal of their free time sitting down and staring into a screen. Technology creates the perfect environment for depression
with the lack of human contact, overeating and lack of exercise. There is a
reason the use of antidepressants is on the rise. A lot of this is due to
people spending far too much time on their phone instead of exercising and socialising
which inevitable leads toward depression. Some of the negative effects of technology can be linked to
the effect it has on sleep habits. Young people get absorbed into online
activities that keeps them up far too late and the constant stream of
information can make it difficult to turn off our brains. Also, the ambient
glow from screens can affect the release of melatonin, the sleep chemical.
Keeping technology out of the bedroom would be a very healthy habit to acquire. With more than a billion profiles, internet social media is
now the advertising medium of choice for most businesses. When you create your
profile, you hand over the keys to Facebook to allow them to spam your newsfeed
with tailored marketing. Young people have given them their age and probably
every interest you have simply by pressing the ‘like button’. This information
is called Data and everyday teenagers inadvertently give lots of it.  After stating all the positives and negatives attributes about
impact of technology in the lives of young people. I think that it is obvious
that the impact of the technology in young people’s lives is ultimately a
damaging one should the young person use the technology to an access and not
spend their time doing other things also as well as using their computers. Thank you, readers I will be back next week with, “The
impacts of not getting a wide variety of nutrients in your diet”.