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Working for a company that is fun but also productive is the dream job for most people. Being excited to arrive at work and wanting to work hard, having a pleasant interaction with co-workers and customers, all while meeting goals is something not many employees experience. In today’s society many work places seem to be  concerned more with profits and benefits of the company that they tend to forget about the employees and customers. With no customer loyalty and employees feeling unappreciated a company can reach their downfall. Not catering to the people who buy and supply the products is distasteful for a corporation and creates the desire to not want to buy from or work for the company. Zappos! is a company that cares the most about its customers and employees. Even on their website under the “About Zappos Culture” section, they mention the word family. Not many companies consider their employees as family, but Zappos! has adapted that idea of a work environment being like one.Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos! but you wouldn’t know that because he has set the tone in his company that all employees are like a boss there, no title is more important than another. Not your typical way of running a company. There’s usually a CEO, Vice President, Managers, etc., that all  ensure employees know who they are, what they do, and their title. Workplaces are traditionally serious environments with no hanging out or socializing, just formal. In the society that we live in many people are concerned with the way they are treated and their happiness, not just the pay of a job. Zappos! has a positive office culture, they want to guarantee that they have passionate employees with outstanding performance and the ability to convey their best talents. The most creative thing that Tony Hsieh done, was to base his company on the satisfaction of his customers and employees. By doing that he created happiness and profit for all. Customer service is how Zappos! market themselves. Instead of being more efficient, Zappos! is being more effective. They rather not meet quotas or rush calls, but relatively relate to and converse with customers and build a personal connection. They take care of their customers and let them advertise and spread the word about the company.With Zappos! being such a relaxing company, it has a weakness of other companies not taking them serious and not looking at them as a threat or a powerhouse. Tony Hsieh and his company has the manpower and loyalty of employees to really succeed over their competition. The customer service is there, the relationship between customers and employees are personal and inviting. Tony Hsieh has employees that actually want to work for his company and put their best foot forward and in return he wants to create the most humane environment for them. Although when Zappos! first decided to adopt the style of self management many workers quit. According to Business Insider, Zappos!’s COO, Arun Rajan said that “employees who recently left were primarily people and project managers who would have had to not only give up their titles, but find something entirely new to do at the company.” Rajan expected those employees to quit. Not many people would rather give up their position to be categorized with other employees. Tony Hsieh created a new era for employees to actually feel equal and as if they are joined together for one purpose and common goal. “Hsieh said that self-management allows Zappos to function more like a city, like an ecosystem that doesn’t need constant direction from up top to function, and that this will assure its long-term survival even when he’s no longer CEO”(Business Insider).  The Board of Directors were not satisfied with the way that Hsieh was running the company. Those people that quit were not willing to adapt to the new way that Zappos! Was going to be conducted, they were not ready to adjust to not being labeled as superior. Zappos!’s core values are “Deliver WOW Through Service, Embrace and Drive Change, Create Fun and A Little Weirdness, Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded, Pursue Growth and Learning, Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Do More With Less, Be Passionate and Determined, Be Humble”(Zappos!.com”. Those Board of Directors and like the rest of the rest were not yet ready to convert to that way of working.Zappos! Is a company that has the ability to go far, because it is in a different course than others. Not many companies value their customers or employees. I would want to work for and be a manager at Zappos!. I would have the ability to work and experience all areas of the company, be able to relate to and build a personal relationship with all the employees. My mom once told me “never treat the janitor like he cannot become a CEO”. So I feel as if Zappos! is doing a good thing with the self management, plus they are making a profit and expanding.