Within as nails have been developed. At week eleven

   Within the first three weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is already made up of hundreds of cells, that are multiplying rapidly. By week four, the fetus is officially an embryo and is the size of a poppy seed. At week five, your baby is growing faster than ever. However, at this time it may appear as more tadpole than human. At this time the circulatory system is forming and the tiny heart will begin to beat. Week six starts the formation of the baby’s nose, mouth and ears. The intestines and brain are also beginning to develop. The fetus is now the size of a lentil. The fetus has now doubled in size from week six, and still has a tail. The tail will soon begin to disappear. Hands and feet are now sprouting from the newly developed arms and legs. The fetus is now the size of a blueberry. At week eight the baby is now moving around. Nerve cells are now forming neural pathways and breathing tubes are now extended from the baby’s throat to its still developing lungs. At week nine the baby’s body is so developed that it even has earlobes. The baby no longer has a tail and is now the size of a grape. Upon ten weeks of development your baby’s limbs can now bend and small details such as nails have been developed. At week eleven the baby is now kicking and stretching. The baby may even begin to hiccup as its diaphragm develops. By week twelve the baby can now move its fingers. At this time, if you were to poke your belly, the baby would be able to feel it and is now the size of a lime. This week marks the end of your first trimester.                 Week thirteen is the first week of your second trimester. At week thirteen your baby now has its own fingerprints, veins and organs. If the baby is a girl, there are now more than two million eggs in her ovaries. By week fourteen the baby may be sucking its thumb or making facial expressions and is the size of a lemon. One week later, if you were to shine a flashlight on your stomach, the baby will be able to sense the light and move away from it. You usually find out the sex of your baby this week, and it is now the size of an apple. At week sixteen you may be able to feel the baby kick. Week seventeen marks the development of the baby’s bones. A week later, your baby is about the size of a bell pepper. At week nineteen you baby can now smell, see, feel, taste and hear. This means that your baby can now hear your voice. By week twenty the baby’s digestive system is working and the baby can now swallow. At week twenty one the baby can now kick hard enough to bruise your rib. By week twenty two the baby’s lips and eyebrows are very distinct. The baby is now the size of a spaghetti squash. A week later, the baby is so good at picking up sounds that after birth the baby will recognize the voices of certain people. At week twenty four the baby is now about a foot long and one and a half pounds. The baby is now considered viable outside of the womb. It is now illegal to have an abortion after this point.