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With your kid’s first birthday right around the corner, planning a birthday party could become a hassle. Never having done it before, there are myriads of factors that parents tend to overlook which can turn your kid’s birthday into anything but fun. Birthday cakes are the highlight of every birthday party and the cake-cutting ceremony is the most enjoyable part of birthday celebrations. With over thousands of choices, there are certain factors which help the parents to narrow down their kid’s first birthday cake to the best options available-ThemeHaving themed birthday celebrations is the latest trend. The idea is to opt for a birthday cake that compliments well with the theme of the party. Most bakers have plenty of options when it comes to themed birthday cakes. If you have a cartoon themed birthday party, the cake you choose should incorporate a cartoon character and if the theme of jungle, choosing an animal shaped cake would be a right option.FlavourWhile choosing the flavour of your kid’s birthday cake, it is important to remember that a majority part of the guests would be kids and the cake should taste delicious to them. It is important to choose a cake of flavour that children like, instead of adults. Choosing the basic chocolate or vanilla flavoured cake for a kid’s birthday celebration is the right thing to do, instead of opting for flavours like blueberry, red velvet, kiwi, lime etc. Icing and DecorationsThere are plenty of creative ways to decorate a cake and put icing on it. Having a creatively decorated birthday cake doesn’t only impress the guests, but also makes children immensely happy to see it. It is important that you discuss the icing and decoration of cake with the baker beforehand. Theme-related fondant decorations and photographic cakes are some of the many creative approaches a baker can opt to make your kid’s birthday special. Choose a good bakerOnce you have decided the details your kid’s first birthday cake, you should begin the search for a good baker. While there is no dearth of bakers, certain factors like budget and location should help you narrow down your search and choose the right baker. It is suggested that you taste a cake before ordering one for the party, to give you an idea about the taste as well.There are thousands of cakes available out there, the key is to make your kid’s first birthday celebration special by choosing one that stands out of the ordinary. While it may be a hassle, but the way your kid’s eyes will light up seeing the birthday cake will make it worth the effort and more.