With Electronics and broadcast communications appears the most coherent

With a plan to be an instrumental piece of the Electronics business, I embraced my college degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from American worldwide University-Bangladesh. My scholarly foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering combined with my inborn enthusiasm to investigate the subtleties of the business, I have acknowledged and watched an exceptional yet steady refinement in the electronic items and administrations over the world. My introduction to the advancement and working of items and administrations like top notch TV foundation, mobiles, tablets, broadband Internet administrations, satellite telecom and GPS system has fascinated me deeply and persuaded that there is substantially more to make, investigate and find in this field. Hence, my choice to now seek after my graduate degree in Electronics and broadcast communications appears the most coherent expansion of my scholarly vocation.


Amid my undergrad contemplate, among the subjects I was presented to, courses like Digital Signal Processing, Cellular Mobile Communication, and Telecommunication Switching System captivated me. Likewise, accentuation on reasonable sessions in light of Coding and Modulation Techniques, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, MATLAB programming and Networks incredibly improved my enthusiasm for the field of Communication.

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At University of Gavle, I would develop my specialized skylines by gaining from hypothetical courses like Wireless, Cellular and Personal Telecommunications, Fiber Optics, and Network Security. I would likewise open myself to the pragmatic parts of Telecommunications, by working at the Antenna Lab and Wireless Systems Lab. The examination being attempted in the field of Antenna Design and Wireless Communications is firmly lined up with my interests. The chance to work and concentrate under highly qualified prof. will serve to upgrade my comprehension of the subject, and give me the edge I require to end up noticeably a fruitful Engineer in this field. In the event that given an open door, I guarantee you my devotion, tirelessness and my want to exceed expectations would enable me to make an exceptional commitment to the college. I anticipate a positive reaction from the entrance advisory board.