With classrooms across the world. Country like New Zealand

With the rise of eastern powers during the decade, fighting tactics have taken a different route. It is often believed that there cannot be two persons on top. The Thucydides concept explain this phenomenon very well, ‘When the rising power challenges the incumbent one, war often follows’. China is well known for its practices and activities that it embarks on other economies, be it CPEC or OBOR.With China’s growing influence on the western countries, many nations have called it an insidious task to conquer foreign minds and Chinese nationals abroad. Allegations were made that the Dragon was interfering Australian politics, universities and reports. Similar allegations were made by Germany that China was trying to influence the politicians and bureaucrats of the country which underwent an election recently. This behavior of China has been referred to as ‘Sharp power’, a term coined by National Endowment for Democracy, a think tank based on Washington DC, which means coercing and manipulating opinions abroad. Prima facie, it was believed that the activities were the results of diaspora, but the situation was much worse. This was aimed to target a wider society. With growing influence of Chinese on various universities abroad, many cash-strapped universities have replaced their own language by curriculum led by the Confucius institutes, which has now more than 1000 classrooms across the world. Country like New Zealand is also not out of this menace. It is alleged that money from big Chinese business houses, that have connections with the communist party, have brought influence on individual politicians and party mentalities of the country. Sometimes, things like these are under the table, and in other cases, the message is public. The case of Mr. Liu Xiaobo explains this very well. The problem does not stop here. China wants to bring forward this message loud and clear, Chinese nationals abroad must respect the sentiments of the party back home. The country wants to make sure that the program control at home does not affect lack of control abroad.But, there’s no respite after all. With China having great influence over the world economy, trade and practices, countries have kowtowed to the upcoming superpower, like when Greece vetoed a European Union statement criticizing China’s record on Human Rights, which came after the giant economy invested in the port of Piraeus. What’s the other side of the story?China has more stakes than any other country abroad. With 10 million Chinese nationals that have moved abroad since 1978, the country sees it as a threat. China fears that they might start seeing democracy for a better being. In addition to that, Chinese giants have invested a lot in rich countries, including in farmland and resources. The government sees that a negative image will do a lot of harm and china has a say to shape world policies, as a rising superpower, that were mostly invoked by America and Europe earlier.Open economy must be supported, but not at the cost of freedom. Counter intelligence must be there, with law and independent media. The west needs to stand buy its own principles, and act together.For the time being, the world needs to avoid this Thucydides trap by using the soft power against the sharp power, that will harness culture which will add value to the country.