With a doubt, you all knew this massive food

With a flourishing and increasing amount of population in
Canada, there’s no doubt that food businesses can be really successful there,
and turns out, it’s even better than successful! Because of the expansive
nature of Canada, almost all famous Food chains like McDonalds, KFC and
Starbucks have opened over hundreds of branches in the country. And truth be
told, it’ll be impossible to not be successful in a country with 10 provinces
and 36 million people. So, below are 5 of the biggest and most famous Food
Chains in Canada. Keep on reading!

Tim Hortons:

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Without a doubt, you all knew this massive food chain would’ve been on
top of the list. Founded in 1964 by a hockey player Tim Horton, this fast food
restaurant took Canada in a storm because of its trademark donuts and coffee.
As noted in 2016, with a revenue of $3.00 billion, the multinational Food Chain
has successfully opened a grand total of 4,613 restaurants spread across 9
countries, and with the deal with Burger King in 2014, it doesn’t look like
that growth will slow down any time soon!


A Fast Food:

Although Tim Hortons spread its wings across to other
countries of the world, A decided to stay Canadian by heart. Founded in
1956, it was originally part of a US fast food chain, but decided to cut its
ties in an effort to make its operation successful without any corporate help.
Well, it blew up and as of December 2013, it is the second largest burger chain
in Canada after McDonalds, sitting at 850 outlets and $99.4 million CAD


Pizza Pizza:

This private pizza restaurant isn’t really well known in
other places of the world, but in Canada, it is considered the best franchised
pizza restaurant to date. Spanning its business to over 500 different
locations, the exact revenue of the food chain isn’t known, but judging by the
significant expansion in the 2000’s and that the restaurant is now head-to-head
with competitors like Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, we believe that it has the
potential to become a major franchise!


Country Style:

Situated primarily in Ontario, Country Style is ranked on
second place in the entire coffee chain list of Canada! This casual coffee
chain serves a variety of different things like soups, sandwiches, oatmeal,
salads and coffee. Ever since the business started growing exponentially in
2006, this coffee chain grew from 120 outlets to over 1000 outlets across the
entire country. Keep an eye out for a nearby outlet, because they aren’t going
to stop growing anytime soon!


Pita Pit:

This quick-service franchise specialized in serving pita
sandwiches, and surprisingly, they’re really good at it! Started in 1995, the
first shop was bought to existence by founders John Sotiriadis and Nelson Lang
in Ortanio, and just like that, it started growing bigger. Bigger to a point
that it now has over 500 restaurants, not only in Canada, but in 11 different
countries, from the US and UK to India and Singapore.