Whenever of time, it is worse for a company

Whenever an Organization chooses a software there are certain key
attributes to keep in mind. It is very important to know the functionalities of
each software and know their key attributes. When an Organization invests money
in a software it is really important to know the worth of the software.

The key attributes before choosing a software are as follows:

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Data Security


User friendliness




Pricing- Before
choosing a software, it is very important to determine the price of the
software. It is advisable to carry out cost-benefit analysis. To check out all
features are worth the price being paid. It is worthy if we determine costs,
calculate benefits, compare alternatives and then report and plan action. Cost estimation is an important tool that can affect the
planning and budgeting of a project. Since there are many number of resources
for a project, all of the features of a required project cannot be included in
the final product. A cost estimate done at the beginning of a project will help
determine which features can be included within the resource constraints of the
project (e.g., time). Requirements can be prioritized to ensure that the most
important features are included in the product. The risk of a project is
reduced when the most important features are included at the beginning because
the complexity of a project increases with its size, which means there is more
opportunity for mistakes as development progresses. Thus, cost estimation can
have a big impact on the software life cycle and schedule for a project.

Cost estimation can also have an important effect on
resource allocation. It is beneficial for a company to allocate better
resources, such as more experienced personnel, to costly projects. Manpower
loading is a term used to measure the number of engineering and management
personnel allocated to a project in a given amount of time. Most of time, it is
worse for a company if a costly project fails than if a less costly project
fails. When tools are used for estimation, management and developers can even
experiment with trading off some resources (or factors) with others while
keeping the cost of the project constant. Cost estimation has a large impact on
project planning and management. Cost
estimation should be done throughout the entire life cycle. The first-time cost
estimation can be done is at the beginning of the project after the
requirements have been outlined. Cost estimation may even be done more than
once at the beginning of the project. For example, several companies may bid on
a contract based on some preliminary or initial requirements, and then once a
company wins the bid, a second round of estimation could be done with more
refined and detailed requirements. Doing cost estimation during the entire life
cycle allows for the refinement of the estimate because there is more data
available. Periodic re-estimation is a way to gauge the progress of the project
and whether deadlines will be able to be met. Effective monitoring and control
of the software costs is required for the verification and improvement of the
accuracy of the estimates. (Computing DCU, 2002)

In all the 3 software’s which are selected pricing is
the main feature an Organization checks before purchasing the software, as per
the evaluation Smartsheet is the most expensive software of all the 3 and
Proworkflow is the reasonable of all the 3 with its features and benefits
provided in the given cost.


It is very important to secure the data from unauthorized person,
destructive forces such as cyberattack and data breach. It is also important to
evaluate the software which provides the highest data security. Since there are
many cybercrimes happening nowadays data security is very important. Backups
should be available if any data Is erased or lost there should always be a
backup which is helpful to further carry out Business. Data security should
always be a priority when choosing a software. There are companies whose all confidential
data is leaked out and given to competitors since no proper data security
measure is enabled. Also before purchasing the software it is essential to know
if the software has a 3rd party backup or no, in many organizations
they have a backup server which is being hosted at a different location. Data
security also implies to the file sharing authority how many people have access
to your files, are your files on the cloud server, are the files encrypted.
These are some basic questions which comes to mind when data security and
backup of data are considered.

In all the 3-software’s selected, which are cloud
based software (SaaS), there is a good amount of data security and backup
provided. The Business and Enterprise versions of software have more security
offered than the Individual and Professional version of the software. Proworkflow offers data security with 128-bit encryption with
SAS70 type 2 centres. Backups of data are done on regular basis. Asana stores
customer data with Amazon Web Services. Amazon employs a robust security
program with multiple certifications, including an SSAE 16 and SOC
Certifications. Smartsheet
offers data encryption for stored data with NIST approved Ciphers. There is
also 3rd party assessment by an external security firm.


Sustainability- Over the long term if any modification is required the software
can handle them, the software should be able to adapt changes. the capacity of the software to endure. In other words, sustainability
means that the software will continue to be available in the future, on
new platforms, meeting new needs. Sustainability is a principle that embraces a
range of policies, procedures, programs, and attitudes that run the length and
breadth of any use of information technologies. The concept of Sustainable
Computing considers total cost of ownership, the total impact, and the total
benefit of technology systems. Only the sustainable software’s run on a long
run, since if any software becomes outdated and not ready to accept changes, it
becomes useless after a certain period of time. Sustainability is a key feature
before choosing any software. As far as Sustainability is considered Smartsheet and Proworkflow are
the most sustainable software amongst the 3. Asana are not as sustainable as
Smartsheet the reason being it is complicated to adapt to the modifications
made in future as there is good amount of security being enabled in the


are certain things which make a software user friendly such as simple to
install, this applies to everything from operating systems
to browser plug-ins. Installation is the first point of contact for users, so
it had better be a friendly process. Easy to update, as with the installation, an application’s update
process should be easy. If updates are complex, users will more than likely
skip the process. Easy to remove, along with being easy to install and use, a piece of software should be
easy to remove. Without a simple removal process, that software becomes complicated.
A complicated software is very difficult to use. As much as developers don’t
want their users to remove their software, the removal process might be the
last impression your software makes. Don’t make that impression a negative one. Effective
error handling, when a program comes across an error, it should
make the error known, at least to the developers. It’s not the end users’
responsibility to report bugs, but giving them the option to report bugs can go
a long way toward helping that software improve. When a program runs into an
error and simply bails without warning or recourse, users are left with their
eyes bugged out and their hands in the air. At least let users know there was a
problem and what they can do to help solve it — such as sending a bug report to
the developers. (Tech republic, Blog, 2010)

When user-friendliness is considered
Smartsheet and Proworkflow is the easiest to use, as in the software all the
instructions are mentioned at the right places and directions. All the 3
software’s have the own Android and iOS applications. In all the 3 software
applications there is free customer service provided which enables a user to
clarify their doubts when needed. There is also a chat pop-up box which enables
the user to clarify their doubts online itself. Also before the start of the
application we have a video tutorial guide which helps us to know more about
the software and its features. They also have provided with a landline number
which enables you to call 24/7 if you have any doubts.


Accessibility- Whenever we choose a software it is
important to know its accessibility features, how easily is it accessible. Accessibility involves two key issues: how users
with disabilities access electronic information and how web content designers
and developers enable web pages to function with assistive devices used by
individuals with disabilities.

For the user with a disability, the challenge is to identify tools that
provide the most convenient access to web-based and other electronic
information. For the web content designer/developer, the challenge is to remove
the obstacles that prevent accessibility tools from functioning effectively. In
many cases, these challenges are relatively simple to overcome, but sometimes
the solutions require some additional thought and effort.

All the 3 software’s are highly accessible since they have their own
desktop applications and Android and i0S applications. These software’s are
cloud base (SaaS) can be accessed from whichever part in the world with
internet connections. The files can be shared instantly and can be accessible
on desktop/ systems.



Interoperability- Interoperability is the ability of
a system or different systems to operate successfully by communicating and
exchanging information with other external systems written and run by external
parties. An interoperable system makes it easier to exchange and reuse
information internally as well as externally. Communication protocols,
interfaces, and data formats are the key considerations for interoperability. Standardization
is also an important aspect to be considered when designing an interoperable

As far as interoperability is considered all
the 3 software’s are interoperable with most other project related software’s.
Today’s business leaders know that when it comes to technology it is very
important that all business applications are interconnected to each other for
smooth functioning of our Business-related work. (Microsoft, Library, n. d)


Proworkflow: Proworkflow can be integrated to other business-related software
applications such as Xero, Quickbooks desktop, MYOB Account right, Kashflow,
Box, Zapier, Google Drive, Drop box, One drive and freshbooks. All these
software applications make it easier for an Organization to carry out their
daily tasks.


Asana: Asana can be integrated to other business-related software applications
such as Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Hipchat, Google drive, One
drive, One login, Okta and Zapier.


Smartsheet: Smartsheet can be integrated to other business-related software
applications such as Servicenow, Jira, Evernote, Quip, Dropbox, Google drive,
Salesforce, skype for business and Okta.


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