“When needs an HR as HR plays a vital

“When hiring key employees, there are only two
qualities to look for: judgement and taste. Almost everything else can be
bought by the yard”

From the beginning itself, I was efficient in
interaction with humans, I used to observe the way they behave, talk and manoeuvres
themselves into the topic which led me to accelerate my career in HR. Moreover,
my personality & behaviour was very well suited to this profile. My caring
attitude towards every individual and my love for being extrovert and
inquisitiveness to understand the intricacies of Human Nature made me
interested in the real value of Human Resources. So, to attain expertise in the
same field, I want to pursue masters from your esteemed university.

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Coming altogether from a different graduation
course (B.Tech), while I was pursuing my internship in Technical field from
Foodpanda, I got a chance to work with the HR Team and that is when I became
interested in it and realised the importance of an HR in the company. Every
firm needs an HR as HR plays a vital role in helping company hire the right
talent for the right job, train them and also creating the pleasant environment
for the Employees to thrive. I have a cumulated
experience of 1+ year in Human Resources. I explored number of different roles
that an HR needs to play and felt ecstatic to get such a great learning and
understanding of all the roles that come in the plate of an HR. Handling entire gamut of HR activities has improved my
interpersonal skills, taught me to remain calm and patient in every situation
and made me a good listener.

look forward to the stimulation and challenge of living and studying in the
charged environment of Ireland. The Ireland education system being highly
renowned all over the world was the obvious choice for pursuing a MSc in Human
Resource Management. Studying overseas will help me develop independence, which
is crucial for any job. I’ll know how to make decisions, demonstrate my
initiative, and get things done. It’ll also help me develop financial skills
which will be needed to manage my money within that system. It will make me
learn things about the world that I may not be able to learn at home. It’ll be
a life time experience of learning to adapt and respond in efficient ways,
discover new strengths and abilities, conquer challenges, and solve problems.
Moreover I’ll meet new people from around the world, who I can share interests
with and learn new ideas from. I’ll gain new perspectives on things I normally
wouldn’t have.

all written above, I believe that my serious intention for study and strong background
will be beneficial for my MSc in Human Resource program. Attending your college
would give me an opportunity to receive high-level education under the guidance
of excellent teachers. I would be happy and proud to be in your program and
would assure you that I would strive to be a quality student eager to make a
difference all the time.