When look at what stocks are doing well at

When I first invested in my stocks, I took the time to go through my options and look at what stocks are doing well at the moment. In my searching, I came across many stocks that were going up in value, but another thing that I had to take into account was the price of each individual stock that I was buying into. I had a limit of ten thousand dollars to spend, so I couldn’t blow all my money on one or two stocks in apple or microsoft. So I kept digging and looking for just the right stocks to invest in.While I was searching through all the possible options for me to invest in, I came across a stock in sirius xm radio. I found that it was doing well and the stocks were each very cheap so, Being the intelligent investor that I am, I bought four hundred stocks in it. Coming to the end of the contest, the station is not doing as well and has gone down, luckily it hasn’t taken too much of a toll on my total earnings, and I was still able to turn up quite a profit.I also came across walmart in wich I bought twenty five stocks in. The stocks were somewhat expensive, but being an avid walmart goer and proud walmartarian, I chose to invest a solid amount of money into the clearly thriving business. This choice turned out to be a very good on seeing as how walmart has been one of my strongest earning stocks, and has brought in a very good amount of cash flow. Walmart has obviously been a very successful business and was clearly a good choice.The other three stocks that I invested in were Netflix, Campbell’s soup, and Sephora. Netflix turned out to be a very good choice due to it’s ever increasing user population. Netflix has been thriving since early 2010, ever since the unvailed their unlimited streaming of movies. Campbell’s soup is simply a favorite of mine and brings back warm fuzzy memories. Sephora was doing well at the time that I invested in it but towards the end of the contest, it began to drop and lost me a bit of money. Luckily my total profit was still in the positives.All in all, this contest has definitely been a learning experience for me, as I have always taken an interest in the ins and outs of stock market trade and investment. Coming to the end of the contest I’ve learned a little bit more about how the stock market works and a little bit about the do’s and don’t’s of investing.