When his family behind him, going off means that

Mason is packing to leave for college, he and his mother are having a conversation
about leaving. Olivia begins to cry because she has exactly everything that she
intended to have. “I just thought there would be more.” Olivia says. As Mason
is driving to college, the camera tilts from his truck to the long stretch of
freeway before him. This indicates that he has a full life ahead of him. And
even though he’s always had the support of his family behind him, going off
means that he’ll have to stand on his own for once.

            In the closing scene, there’s a pan
of the mountains as Mason and his friends are hiking. Once they’ve stopped to
sit and rest, the camera is set at a point-of-view shot where we are able to
see his other two friends just before us as he would. The prominence of the
conversation they’re having is crucial to the symptomatic meaning of the
absolute film. The camera slowly zooms in close to capture the intensity
between the two as the moment seizes you. And then Mason so graciously ends the
script with eye contact directly into the lens of the camera with a smile after
saying, “The moment is always right now”. 

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