What the site. You need to determine where your

What is the
role of web designer and programmers in
website development?

a result, you can develop dynamic and interactive websites that can use
non-Internet technology to do routine software on separate computers and
networks. Online banking, stockbrokers
are examples. These features can now be done on the Internet. To develop this
functional task of the automation script, you need to logically build and
master the programming language using syntax. Most programs are written from

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The role of Web designers and web programmers of web Design Company in India is complementary to the development of the site. You need to determine where your ability is and allow you to inform you of choosing a field of expertise. If you know that you have the ability to write programs, you can go beyond web design and become a web programmer, but otherwise, stick to web design, continue to grow and improve your skills. The truth is that programming is not for everyone. The site is a package. By definition, a website is a ready-made program for a user to perform certain tasks. These users include non-IT professionals. As a result, a website is eligible to become a software package, such as Microsoft Office, Peachtree Accounting package.


to the Web Revolution (WWW), the development software package was exclusively
reserved for skilled programmers. Programmer or software developer of website Design Company develops the
program logically for the final use of the package. The logical building of
software development requires a high level of intelligence. This together with
the complexity of the programming language makes the development of packaging a
lot of people not interested and unattractive.

 After the Web revolution, non-programmers can develop packages from the start. These are web-based packages, and of course, there are websites that do not require programming skills. The result is a new job called Web Design. A web designer is a person who organizes a page by arranging text, images, animations, forms, etc. on the page and formatting it to produce a good presentation and only provided by a professional web Designing Company.


What he needs to do is use any suitable web development tools such as Macromedia Visual Studio and Microsoft FrontPage. For example, through Macromedia Dreamweaver’s “Design” section you can design the entire page without using HTML code. You have a website. The site is one or more pages. These Web development tools are equivalent to Adobe PageMaker popular software packages for organizing and formatting books, magazines, newspapers and other pages. No programming required. The limitations of web design are to create static sites that may apply to some applications, but not all. They produce non-interactive and non-dynamic sites that are not suitable for certain applications and requirements, for example, online registration. The role of the Web designer is stopped here, and the role of the Web programmer begins.


People want the site, on which they can post the form of the task, such as creating an account online and password verification. This leads to the development of the Web programming language, also known as scripting. Examples are JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, and so on. The result is a Web programming professional. Web programmers are people who develop programs for performing automated tasks on the site. Some people prefer to call it a software developer.