What subconsciously. Many journalists and scholars thinking that the

What is
advocacy journalism?

journalism is a kind of news coverage that usually use on the
social and political purpose in deliberately and transparently adopts a
non-objective view. It is an alternative to objectivity that journalists and
reports are seen as consistent and advocated. It tries to promote a certain
purpose or situation. It is not a simple statement of opinion that advocates
style in the news column. It promotes certain opinions as distinct from the
traditional news.

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to Sue Careless, who is a freelance journalist and photographer said
that advocacy journalism is ‘openly speaks for or pleads on behalf of
another, giving the other a face and a voice’. 


What are its
implications in terms of media objectivity and bias?

According to
Morris Janowitz (1975), advocacy journalism makes journalists become who
“represent” of specific gatherings, normally those gatherings
who are denied “effective representatives” in the media such as the
role of active interpreters and participants. 


The studies
from “Journalism Studies: A Critical Introduction” by Andrew Calcutt, Philip
Hammond, have shown that in spite of working hard to maintain completely
unbiased, journalism still cannot avoid a certain degree of implicit bias,
whether political, personal, or metaphysical, either consciously or
subconsciously. Many journalists and scholars thinking that the purely
“objective” philosophical is impossible to achieve. According to “The
advocacy continuum: Towards a theory of advocacy in journalism” by Caroline
Fisher, Journalists are still trying to reduce bias at work. Others argue that
objectivity is a standard that can not be met and that all types of news have
some degree of publicity, whether intentional or not.


The purpose
of Journalism is, to tell the truth, and report an objective viewpoint to the
readers or audiences through the media. But advocacy journalism will prejudice
the readers from the non-objective viewpoint. It will destroy the principles
and the rules of Journalism. 


Do you
support or oppose advocacy journalism as a concept? Please explain.

I do not
support advocacy journalism as a concept. It is because the ability of a
journalist is, to tell the truth, and report an objective viewpoint to the
readers. Journalists should expressly point out bias and opinion, and let the
readers decide they will how to interpret the information.