What states that IM POSSIBLE encourages me to give

What motivates you to do your best?Answer: I am a self motivated person who tries to do my best in everything I do. I am goal oriented person whose predominant motivation is putting my  best foot forward and getting the desired results. I strongly believe in the conviction of DO OR DIE. When you want to achieve your goal, you must put in your efforts or in other words “do”. If you do not put efforts to make your dream come true, your dream would die. This idea helps me a lot to stay motivated and provide my superlative outcomes. My most of the motivation comes from talking to my own self and directing my way towards my desired goals. I eagerly wait for the results. So getting my desired results is also one of my biggest motivation to do my best. Moreover, my thinking of: Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, even the word IMPOSSIBLE states that IM POSSIBLE encourages me to give my hundred percent. Watching motivational videos and reading inspirational thoughts also help me in this task.2. What inspires you to be the best you?Answer: Hardships my parents have faced, just to give me a brighter future inspires me the most to present my best version. Being the best or at least trying to be my  best, will definitely make my parents proud. That proud smile is my inspiration to do my best.The second thing which inspires me to be the best of myself is definitely, a sense of self-vying which tells me that I have to progress with each passing day.Thirdly, my psychology of “To live each day as its your last day” gives me great support to be the best version of myself. Using this psychology, I am able to be the best of myself since I think I need to do everything which keeps me motivated throughout the day. 3. How might you use your own motivations and inspirations to motivate and inspire others around you? How might your relationships change?Answer:  I believe that people have their own motivation sources but if my efforts could make a difference,then I would love to share them with people. I strongly believe that providing examples in front of people will always make them believe in their goals even more.This is because they tend to think If he/she can, then why can’t I? I would try to convince people to read motivational quotes and watch inspirational videos for the simple reason that, it would encourage them to give their finest results.I would make people realize the hidden sacrifices and the priceless hard work their loved ones have done just for their betterment hence motivating them and they would be able to do wonders. Making people believe in themselves would be an excellent source of motivating them. In this way they would have self-confidence, therefore, helping them to achieve even impossible.This would definitely have a great effect on my relationships since motivating people would gradually increase my social circle,therefore, helping me to form new relations and strengthen the old ones. It would give me an opportunity to keep my thoughts in front of people hence letting them know my thinking, consequently, expanding my clique.4.Listen to Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen.What lyrics appeal to you about your personal growth?Answer: There are many lyrics which closely relate to my personal growth. Some of them include: ENJOY THE POWER AND BEAUTY OF YOUTH. Basically, this rephrases the idea of living each day as your last day in which I strongly believe. The second part that firmly connects the lyrics to my personal growth is: YOU ARE NOT AS FAT AS YOU IMAGINE as I strongly believe that the first step in the process of personal growth is the presence of self-confidence within oneself. 5. What strategies have you used in the past to develop your personal growth? What are some new strategies that you might use to develop your personal growth in the near future?Answer: STRATEGIES USED IN PAST:- This was very important for me, changing the entire me and providing me a new perspective for looking at things. Since the time I have stopped worrying about what others would think about me, I could live freely without any social stress. Not thinking of what people will think about me gave me an opportunity to be real and helped me with forming right decisions.Earlier, I used to start up my project with lot of distractions, doing many things at a single time i.e. multitasking. Therefore, usually creating a mess around me. This didn’t bring any good to me so I gradually changed it to: the fewer, the better and more you can focus. This means that concentrate on  fewer but do that deeply.NEW STRATEGIES TO DEVELOP: Keeping yourself present in every situation no matter even if the situation is dull or boring. Meaning only worrying about the things in the present not about the past or the future.My second most important strategy would be to think positive all day. Thinking positive will inculcate good and motivating thoughts. So as per the saying goes “As you sow, sow shall you reap” if you sow good and affirmative thoughts in your brain, you shall definitely reap good and satisfying results.Thirdly, I would be ready to learn pretty much everyday, all day from new people and unexpected life experiences I encounter. Learning doesn’t have an age limit. It will only increase my own knowledge and would make me a better human being.6.Find a video, song, or text that speaks to you about Personal Growth and explain.Answer: DREAM- MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO( By MATEUSZ M)I just love the video because it motivates me to follow my dreams. In the video, the narrator tells that why and how to follow your dreams. moreover, it makes you feel great, makes you more confident and makes you believe that your dreams are possible.  7. Quotes to consider:(a)”We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” – Attributed to Max Depree.Answer: What I get from this quote is that one needs to come out from his comfort zone to try what he wants to achieve. Life isn’t that easy that you will get everything in your plate, instead you alone have to do efforts even for arranging the plate. If you can dream of it, then you can definitely do it. Dreams are not which you see during sleep, instead dreams are that which doesn’t let you sleep. So coming out of your comfort zone and putting an extra effort would help you achieve even impossible. (b) If you don’t change, nothing changes.” (ATB tv commercial)Answer: As the old saying goes, be the change you want to see in the world. So if you wont change, nothing will change. We can start following it and gradually more and more people will join us. We can even bring a  small change by not giving up.(c) What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” R.W. EmersonAnswer: According to me, this quote inspires us all and tells us that we all have certain talents hidden inside and we all can do wonders. I think that this quote is suggesting that we all have the potential to achieve something but the difference is some people use the  grit present inside them while others spend their whole life without even noticing it. Once the person is determined to achieve something then even the universe can’t control him. The only thing required is to make that inside -which lies within us – active. Once its active, you would be on the topmost ladder of success. 8.Personal Growth Indicators: Where do you see your strengths on these indicators? Provide an example, identifying interests, values or skills to set learning, life or career goals:(d) Demonstrating optimism, flexibility or resilience when adapting to new situations and transitions. Answer: As stated earlier, I try my best to be positive in every possible situation. It not only gives me the strength but also confidence to search for the solution for the adversity. 9. Moving forward, what are some of your areas of growth?Answer: Areas of growth or my weaknesses are :Make my communication skills even betterBelieving in my decisionsBoosting up my self confidence a little more