What right to say whatever I want to and

What freedom means to me. It means that I have the freedom to say whatever I want so I can say anything in the world. It also mean that I can own guns without anyone complaining about anything. You can also make your own decision too. You can vote legally if you are 18 years old as well. I can also live wherever I want in the world because people have to allow it.Freedom of speech, is a part of what freedom means to me because I have the right to say whatever I want to and no one can stop me.For example, Singers express their freedom in their song lyrics. Singers can express the way they look at the world and their freedom. They also have the right to say bad words in some of their songs that they have written and they don’t get punished for it. Also another example is that Donald Trump can say anything about the country because he is the president. He uses his freedom of speech to tell the people about his political views. Also, protesters have freedom of speech because they fight to make the people change their mind about something. They talk about all the things that are bad in the world and aren’t being fixed and no one can stop them because they have the right to say whatever they want to say. Alex Kazemi also believes in freedom of speech.Freedom to me also means that you can make your own decisions in life. For example, you can decide what you want to do when you grow up.Some people want to be a firefighter when they grow up or a policeman. You can also decide your religion. You can decide if you want to be what your family has been or if you want to be something completely different. Also you can decide where you want to live and how much money you want to invest into a house or what you want to buy for your house. There is a lot more to name but that was just a few.The right to legally own firearms is another way I think of freedom. Owning firearms is a big thing for me in freedom because I really like to hunt. That is why I was hoping Donald Trump would win the election because Hillary would get rid of guns. We go hunting every year and try to get a deer. If we do get a deer we make sausage, and jerky. It is very fun and if we didn’t have guns we couldn’t do it.Freedom means that you have the freedom to vote if you are 18 years old. You can vote for the president of the United States. As well as smaller votes, it could be class president or it could be government votes. Voting is important because you need to see everyone’s perspective about something. There are a lot of other examples of voting and what it is on but that is just a few to name.Freedom also means that i have the right to live wherever I want to. You could live in the United States or you can live outside of the country. For some examples of wherever you could live, you could live in Texas, California, or North Dakota. You could also live out of state, and some of those places are Canada, France, and Germany. You can also decide where you want to live in the states or in the country’s. For example, you could live in Houston Texas.One more thing of what freedom means to me is that people can’t stop me from playing whatever sport I want to. So, that means that I can play whatever sport I want to whenever I want to. That means that I can even play basketball in the winter if I feel like it. If anyone tries to stop me because I have the right to say no because it is a free Country.So that is what freedom means to me, it means I have the right to say whatever I want, make my own decisions, legally own guns, play whatever sport I want, live wherever I want, and vote whenever I want. -That’s what freedom means to me and there’s a lot more but that’s just a few.