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What is water pollution? Water pollution is the presence of anything harmful or unwantedfound in a body of water. (What Is). No body of water is safe from pollution. At some point intime any body of water can be polluted. Bodies of water, depending on size, can be resilientfound in “What Is Water Pollution?” by saying, “Due to the quick diffusion and dissipation ofcontamination and the faster natural degradation processes, the bigger the water body is, theshorter the time required for naturally cleansing the pollution and recovery” (What is).Oil spills are a major source of pollution that affect the water, animals, and surroundingarea. An oil spill is when an accident occurs resulting in oil being dumped into a body of water.Oils spills are often caused by humans, as these are not natural occurrences. Oil spills can also becaused by equipment breaking down, natural disasters, or as an act of terror. (How Do).Kramer 2Terrorists will attack oil storage facilities and or barges to fight against a government to causefear and do harm to the ocean. (How Do). There are four types of oil spills. First there are verylight oils such as gasoline that evaporates within a day or so, there is no way to clean this type ofspill. (Oil Types). The second type is a light oil such as diesel or light crude oils. These take afew days to evaporate and cleanup can be effective if proceeded with immediately. (Oil Types).Type three are medium crude oils. This type of spill will impact living organisms in the affectedarea and must be cleaned as fast as possible. (Oil Types). The fourth and final type is heavy oils,there is no evaporation, thus oil has a severe impact on animals and their habitat. (Oil Types). Toclean this type of spill would be difficult due to the amount of oil left on the shoreline. Anexample of oil pollution would be the BP Deepwater Horizon situation in 2010 that devastatedgulf waters and animals living in that region. 205.8 million gallons of oil was spilled into theGulf of Mexico. (The Gulf). The effects of these spills do damage to the wildlife and theirhabitat. Oil is less dense than water therefore it sits on top of it. This prevents sunlight fromentering into the water this makes it difficult for animals and plants to survive. (Rinkesh,Effects). Smaller animals are affected greatly by this as stated in “Oil Spill” by saying, “Manybaby animals and birds starve to death, since their parents cannot detect their natural body scent.Birds that preen themselves to get rid of the oil accidentally swallow the oil and die due to thetoxic effects. In many cases, the animals become blind due to repeated exposure to theoil.” (Rinkesh, Effects). The economy is also affected by oil spills. Oil is used to produce fuel forthe whole world. When oil is lost due to spillage, the price of oil itself and oil products all rise.(Rinkesh, Effects). There are a few ways to prevent and clean oils spills. An obvious way wouldbe to make sure people who are running machinery on oil rigs are adequately trained. This willKramer 3help prevent the factor of human error. The use of dispersants help with type one and two spills.Dispersants are chemicals that break up oil hopefully making it easier to biodegrade in the water.(Oceans).Agriculture has become another major source of water pollution. “…modern agriculturalpractices have started the process of agricultural pollution. This process causes the degradationof the eco-system, land and environment due to the modern day by-products ofagriculture.” (Rinkesh, Causes). Agriculture in today’s society has started to affect the earth in anegative way as previously read in the past quote. Agriculture pollution has started to play alarger role in water pollution. Water used today for agriculture is generally pure, but as timepasses water used in irrigation has become worse. (Rinkesh, Causes). The cause of this waterbecoming less pure is due to the disposal of waste from farms into bodies of water used forirrigation. The disposal of this waste also has effects on the wildlife that lives with those bodiesof water. Waste such as manure and fertilizers turn into harmful chemicals that remove oxygenfrom water. (Rinkesh, Causes). Also these harmful chemicals contaminate the drinking water ofthe wildlife making it harder for them to survive. Farmers are working their way towardscreating less pollution by keeping their waste in check. Also governments have become stricteron the amount of pollution farms can produce. (Rinkesh, Causes).What is sewage and why is it so influential on water pollution? Sewage is defined aswater that contains feces, urine and laundry waste. Sewage is a major problem for developingcountries that do not have access to clean water. (Sewage). If sewage goes untreated it can createproblems for the environment and cause disease. Sewage is caused by households, industries,and agriculture. (Sewage). The organic matter plus the nitrates in human waste serves as a foodKramer 4for types of algae, while this is good that some of the environment can use this waste it is alsoharmful for the rest. (Sewage). This algae starts to grow and as it does it takes up more space in abody of water using more oxygen as the size increases. Most household waste that is producedinto sewage is toxic for aquatic life making it a challenge for those animals to live. (Effects ofDumping). There are not many ways of preventing sewage from affecting the environment. Oneway is to dilute the sewage by running it through water treatment plants. (Effects of Dumping).As for small and developing countries, sewage will still play a large role in the environment untilmore treatment plants are available.River dumping has also become a large factor in water pollution. River dumping isstrictly done by humans. River dumping is when someone simply throws trash into a riverbecause they view it as a trash can. Some sources of river dumping are factories, agriculture, andpeople. Factories will build near a river to use that water water for machinery, but when theydiscard the contaminated water they simply dump it back into the river. (Barrow). People intoday’s society are starting to care less about the environment making it seem justified if theythrow trash into a river because it will not be their problem. (Barrow). The effects of riverdumping are relatively the same as those of sewage pollution. Loss of oxygen due to the growthof algae and harmful chemicals harm the wildlife and environment. (E. Gareth). Preventing riverdumping is pretty simple if you use common sense. Do not throw trash in a river and create a setof stricter laws for companies who dump into a river. Some companies are spend large amountsof money to have rivers clean to help the environment. (Barrow).Water pollution is a major issue in today’s society. It affects everyday life for human andwildlife. Water pollution also harms the environment greatly. There are many sources and formsKramer 5of water pollution. Some of them being oil, sewage, agricultural, and river dumping. Thesesources have damaging effects on earth and its bodies of water, but there