What displays courage here because even though his father

What is courage? Courage is
the ability to do something that one fears, courageous people do and say what
they think is right despite the consequences. Courage has to do with bravery, strength,
and standing up for what is right. Courage is essential for one to achieve
dreams in life, people without courage always fear what is going to happen in
the future, they fear to follow their dreams and fear changes in their present
situation. We can do much better in life if we have the courage to explore the
unknown, Albert Einstein says “You never fail until you stop trying”. With
courage, whatever seems impossible becomes possible in the journey of life and
we find it easier and better. Absence of courage will hinder us in that we will
not move forward we will remain in the same situation because of the fear of
trying new things and changes in life, which leads to the cycle of life
repeating itself over and over hence a lot of boredom which more often than not,
translates to a stressful life.

            In the novels the Alchemist and Shakespeare’s King Lear,
courage is one of the main themes, for example in the Alchemist, when Santiago
told his father that he wanted to be a shepherd, he did not approve of the
shepherd career instead he had high hopes that Santiago would be a lawyer.
Santiago displays courage here because even though his father wants him to
become something else, Santiago goes with what he thinks is best for him even
though he knows that his dad will be upset. In King Lear courage is shown in
act 1 when Lear was dividing his land based on which daughter loved him the
most, the one who showed King Lear that she loved him the most was going to get
a bigger piece of the land. The first two daughters lied and made it seem as if
they loved Lear more than anything, but when it was Cordilleras turn to tell
Lear how much she loved him, Cordelia said nothing, this caused King Lear to be
very angry which lead to him kicking out Cordelia out of his empire and not
claiming her as his daughter. She refuses to lie about her father even though
she knew the consequences were very rough. Cordelia displays courage again by
saving her father from her evil sisters. Cordelia chose to remain loyal to his
father even after she was told to leave his empire. She chose to be courageous
and put herself at risk by invading England which she could have lost her life.
Cordelias bravery and loyalty shows how she has courage to come back and do
what is right no matter what.

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            Santiago’s whole journey to Egypt was based on courage
even though he did not know where he was going, he had one goal in mind and
that was courageously following his personal legend and destiny. On his
journey, Santiago encountered a lot of hardships and tribulations but he had
courage to overcome them and soldier on, for example despite the fact that Santiago
was robbed all the money he had at the Arab market by a thief, as well as the
bad conditions and the weather throughout the desert which were not pleasant. This
journey also lead Santiago to an ongoing war between tribes, but Santiago did
not give up he still embraced Courage to achieve what he knew was the best for
him despite the circumstances.

We need
courage in the journey of our lives because without courage we cannot conquer
the impossible, for example, NBA all-star Isiah Thomas was told that he would
never play basketball at a high level because he is too short and in basketball
you need to be tall to play in the professional leagues, although Isiah Thomas
was told this repeatedly by people around him, this did not stop him from
chasing his dream and destiny, in fact it made him more determined toward his
goal. Thomas courageously surpassed all the negative talks and is now not only
the top point guards in the league but one of the top player in league. We
should all have courage like Isiah in our lives, so that when we come through
negative voices and trials, we can still be able to face them with courage and
get over them no matter the fear of failure. Courage is essential in our lives,
because of courage Racism and discrimination towards people of color was
drastically reduced. A woman named Rosa Parks demonstrated courage by sitting
in the front seats of a bus which were reserved for white people, instead of
sitting at the back of the bus which was labelled for colored individuals. As
more white people started to board the bus, Rosa Parks was told if she does not
follow the sitting rules she will be arrested. Regardless of the consequences,
Rosa Parks bravely refused to give up the seat. As a result of this Rosa Parks
was arrested which lead to a huge protest and boycott against Montgomery bus service.
People of color chose not to board the bus but to walk and share rides, which
caused the bus company and other businesses to suffer financial loss. This rule
was finally changed and there was no more colored and white sections. Anyone
could sit where they wanted. Rosa Parks’ courage helped reduce Racism towards
black people and end segregation, without someone as courageous as Rosa Parks,
racism and discrimination could have never ended.

conclusion, Courage is important in life it unveils potential and achieves