What a mental disorder. I believe that insurance coverage

What Are They Saying in REDDIT? Gender Identity and Sexual Abuse The first key term I decided to search was, Gender Identity. I read the article entitled, “Experts confirm gender identity is biological and say insurers should cover trans health needs”. The article shared that the Endocrine Society of medical experts and biological researchers released revised guidelines and announced a position statement for the wellbeing of the transgender community. The Endocrine Society want federal and private insurers to cover the costs of all medical treatment a doctor would prescribe for a transgender patient. I disagree with the Endocrine Society beliefs because medicals research has proven there is no legitimate reason for a person to change their gender identity instead, it is a mental disorder. I believe that insurance coverage for transgender surgery and hormone therapy should have the same guidelines as any other cosmetic surgery.  The second key term I searched was, Sexual abuse. I chose the article “One in three young South Africans victims of sexual abuse, report finds Boys at Higher Risks than Girls.” South Africa’s performed a communal research experiment on 784,967 teens between the age 15 and 17 who experienced sexual abuse. The results showed that one in three young people will go through a form of sexual abuse before the age of 17, with males being at higher risk than females. Only 31% of the females reported their sexual abuse to authorities while, no male reported their abuse. The study found the major risk factor for sexual victimization in South Africa is alcohol and drug use. I knew that drug and alcohol abuse played a huge factor in sexual victimization. I agree with the facts of this post because society has taught males to be strong. I can understand why some men would feel embarrassed to share their sexual abuse experience with the fear of being judged or seen as weak.