We’ve before summer. You’re feeling great thinking about all

all been there, at the gym using the machinery and trying to get that summer
body before summer. You’re feeling great thinking about all those bathing suits
you are gonna wear and outta nowhere the person sitting next to you starts
coughing and sneezing. And you didn’t use any disenfictant wipes because you
were in a hurry to get your workout and you had your flu shot so you don’t think
twice on using the machine. the next day you find yourself sitting in the doctors
waiting room. Then, finally, your name is called After a poke and a prod, the
doctor finds himself with an ice cream stick half way down your throat and a
light shone down your esophagus, you get your diagnosis! A prescription is
written with the promises of improved health within a week; so off you go to
the pharmacist to pick up whatever anti-biotic your doctor said is going to
make you feel brand new. or at least that’s what you’re lead to believe. What
if that magic remedy isn’t actually magic, not really medication, but made of
something as simple as sugar? Due to moral conduct, the doctor is not actually
allowed to do this however some people believe that no matter what you’re
treated with; real medication or a sugar pill; the results should be the same.

This is known as “the placebo effect”. and is frequently described as the power
of the mind over the body. As well as sugar pills, studies have shown that
injections of salt water and even false operations have shown placebo effect
results. A placebo is most commonly explained using it as a medical example. My
major is registered nurse and I recently took anatomy and learned about how
amazing the human body works. temporal lobes are found on the temples lower to
the frontal lobe. the primary auditory cortex which is essential for receiving
and interpreting sounds and the language.

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