Weaknesses- good quality products or providing values is not

Weaknesses- Current
weakness as been observed by upcoming interested customers has been high prices
therefore to eliminate it, mid -range priced car could be developed to meet new
customer segments.

Opportunities- in
this current globalized world, people tend to possess more money than before hence
give desire to display wealth. People not only wish to drive fancy cart but
also racing models and various concept car hence extending the market size car
making company. Driving fancy and luxurious gives a sense of heroism and
display high status hence it is best opportunity to produce and promote high
desired luxury car.

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Threats- More and
more competitors companies could produce high quality luxurious car thanks to
rapid and high equipped technology available nowadays and could have huge
marketing strategy to displace company like ours. As a consequence, the sales
of luxury cars produced by Alibin would be threatened and reduced. 

Brand value

Our company believe that brand
values are the compass that points to the true direction of business success. Having
good quality products or providing values is not only enough in this globalized
competitive world. Brand value is no one single value, rather, a combination of
major elements – brand loyalty, brand associations, brand name awareness,
perceived brand quality, logo, trademark and such. Although brand value may be
abstract, it is still the single most important thing about most stocks and as
a startup company who is performing rather quite fair in market, right now our
company stands on 500 million euro which we believe is very extraordinary.

Some Issues Marketing Researchers Face

Globalization phenomenon has basically made our world
smaller every day with hug information flowing around every corner where anyone
can access to it and gain knowledge, but it has some dark sides too. it is necessary
for all market research companies adopt risk management policy concerning
privacy which may hamper not only company itself but customers as well
providing wrong information, false values hence interrupting customer
relationship. Data privacy is a hotly debated topic and as the market research
industry evolves it must answer some fundamental questions.

Consumer privacy- undoubtedly one of the major concerns that is involved
in market research is invasion of consumer privacy. Customer fails to realize
the infiltration done by the company willingly or unwillingly and as a process,
it can disturb personal freedom and raise the question of trust.

Misuse of research-
The misrepresentation of research comes into effect due to various reasons
which may include factors like willful, dishonest, accidental, ignorant,
biased, careless and so on. The following ways in which research of misused
usually occur are :

flawed research

using findings out of context

 stretching findings





Unethical practices
have been blamed for reduced consumer willingness to participate in
commercial marketing research. Ethics has become a  cornerstone 
for  conducting  effective 
and  meaningful research. As  such, 
the  ethical  behavior 
of  individual  researchers 
is  under unprecedented scrutiny  While some of these practices are clearly
avoidable, other practices are arguably unavoidable, particularly some
deceptive practices. While many not view initially  ethical as a highway , they are clearly
integral to the process.