We white clothes and furniture with a squirt gun.

We need to talk about Kevin is a novel by Lionel Shriver. This novel is about Eva, the main character who is a traveler and doesn’t want to be a mother because she will lose her freedom to travel the world. Eva’s husband Franklin is desperate for a child and she gives in for his happiness. The next year, Eva gives birth to a baby boy who they named Kevin. Growing up, Kevin doesn’t have a very special bond with his mother Eva. He disobeys her and is a very cranky baby. The couple hires many babysitters for their child, which only last a week because Kevin is a unusual baby. Going to restaurants and going out has become more difficult after Kevin’s birth which Eva had expected. As Kevin grows up even more, he acts like a brat. He shoots grape juice over Eva’s white clothes and furniture with a squirt gun. He makes fun of people in their presence. His behaviour isn’t very good in school either. Kevin also wears a diaper until he’s six years old, which is very unusual. His diaper drove his mother crazy. One day, Eva gets so angry, she throws Kevin across the nursery, breaking his arm on the changing table. He gets a cast for the fracture. Kevin lies to his father and doctor telling them that he fell off himself while his mother was gone to get more wipes.  With a psychopath son, Eva secretly removes her diaphragm and becomes pregnant again without her husband knowing. Eva soon gives birth to Celia, when Kevin is at the age of seven. Celia is Kevin’s opposite. She is a sweet girl who actually likes her mother unlike Kevin. Kevin becomes worse as a teenager. He wears clothes that are too small, him and his friend throw bricks off a highway overpass, and he makes fun of girls at a school dance. Kevin also accuses a teacher of sexually abusing him. Around this time, school shootings are happening across the United States. Kevin doesn’t like the boys who commit these shootings. Not because they killed people, but because “they didn’t do it right”. They either got caught, killed themselves, or killed fewer people than they should have, according to him. When Kevin is supposed to be watching Celia. She loses an eyeball. Franklin blames Eva for leaving Liquid Plumr where Celia could reach, but Eva knows Kevin had something to do with it. Eva reaches the point where Kevin commits his crime, two days before his sixteenth birthday. His classmates have died, and Kevin is arrested. Because of his age ( fifteen ) he is put in juvenile prison until he turns 18. Kevin didn’t just kill his classmates, he also killed Franklin ( father ) and Celia (sister ). At the end of this book, the two-year anniversary of Kevin’s crime has arrived. He will soon be eighteen and transferred to an adult prison. At this point, Eva is tired of trying to find a reason for Kevin’s actions. She’s sick of trying to find someone else to blame. So she gets a new idea. She has decided to love her son. In her apartment by herself, she leaves the spare bedroom for him, for the day he gets out of jail and comes home.