We Usually those personnel are considered good for inspector

 We take a look at role of each briefly in the


Inspector performs the duty of finding defects
in the product. Besides performing duty as an inspector, an inspector may
perform duty as moderator, author, reader, and recorder whenever possible.

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those personnel are considered good for inspector who has done some similar
work in the earlier projects. People who wrote requirements can be a good
choice for design inspection. Outside inspectors can also be brought in if they
have better knowledge of the system being built.

Moderator is the one who leads the inspection
meeting and ensures that good inspection is carried out. This role is the most
critical to formal inspection process therefore, moderators must be trained.
Moderator remains active during all inspection activities. Moderator performs
duties such as:

Selecting members for the inspection team.

 Assigning roles to
team members individually and together

 Leading the team
throughout the process

 Collecting inspection
data on inspection report forms

Reader is responsible for reading the
document. He also tries to explain the document with different examples so that
everyone in the meeting can understand it clearly and only one interpretation
is made by all the participants of everything that he or she reads.

Recorder is responsible for recording the
defects and issues that were raised during the inspection meeting. Recorder
acts as a reader too as he after recording the defect reads it in the meeting
to make sure to everyone that he has written only what was reported and no
error has been done by him while recording the defect


Author creates the underlying work product to be
inspected. He or she also answers questions during the meeting so that
misunderstanding may not lead to mark something as a defect when actually it
isn’t. Author also acts an inspector during inspection meeting as he corrects
all the defects found during the inspection meeting.