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We cannot argue that nursing is a difficult profession, but what we can argue is that it’s a very rewarding one when you have what it takes to deliver excellent patient care. Nurses work in the front line of the medical field and it’s crucial to possess a variety of qualities and skills that are essential to be successful. A nurse must be drawn to care for the sick and injured with compassion and kindness and at the same time have a desire to make a positive impact on a patient’s life. On a daily basis, a nurse is faced with important choices and must use critical thinking to aid in decision-making.  Attention to detail must come as second nature, as a nurse’s action can have life-threatening consequences on the health care of patients.  Not to mention great communication and listening skills to deliver exceptional care. Nursing is a demanding profession that requires mental, emotional and physical strength.

I was born in El Salvador and I grew up noticing the lack of health care in many of the less fortunate communities. I was one of those children who did not get the basic vaccines because my parents did not have access to health care. My memory goes back to me getting a severe and painful chicken pox infection that took me weeks to recover. It could have been prevented with a vaccine. My goal today is to become a nurse and be able to provide care for the neediest and to become a positive change in those undeserved communities in the Unites States. I believe we need more bilingual and bicultural nurses who don’t just understand the language but the experiences and needs of our multicultural communities. When the nursing workforce reflects its patient demographic, communication improves thus making the patient feel more comfortable.  As a bilingual nurse, I could really help the Hispanic community who have limited English-language skills. The ability to communicate well with patients and medical team, as well as use my knowledge of the Hispanic culture, is very valuable in the care I can deliver to the Spanish-speaking population.

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It will be a huge accomplishment for me to earn my nursing degree because I would be the first generation to graduate from college. I want to show my children that hard work always pays off. Working full time, going to school, and caring for my two children, can be challenging. To be successful, I have learned to manage my time wisely and study hard to earn good grades.  I have learned that hardship can only build strong character and this is how we develop wisdom. My past experiences have helped shape the strong woman that I am today. I aspire to finish my degree as a registered nurse with perseverance, hard work and dedication.