We related to saving the millions of gallons of

We currently use fossil fuels as are primary source of energy, but they are running out. In addition to that, they pollute, resulting in global warming.  Humans have thought of many brilliant ways to save energy and earth, such as hydro electricity, nuclear energy, and windmills. Out technology is related to saving the millions of gallons of fuel used on cars each day by adding solar panels on the roof of a car. We chose this because cars use a lot of fuel. All this use of fuel is bad because we are running out, and we don’t want fuel to run our and we are unprepared. Right now, we are using a phone which is slowly running our of battery. Since we have no alternative, we basically have no charger for your phone when battery runs out. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, we use 391.73 million gallons of gasoline a day(On average) in the U.S. alone. That is how quickly we are losing fossil fuels, so we need to run cars in another way. There are many current technologies focusing on saving the fossil fuels used on cars. One is the commonly known “Hybrid Cars”. Hybrid cars are the current “star” for cars that save fossil fuels. They have an electric battery as well as a combustion engine. That way, you can use electricity from an outlet to charge your car, and while you are on the road, you can rely on electricity to power you until you run out, then you switch to gasoline. This way, you can completely not use fossil fuels such as gasoline for relatively short distance travel, such as from home to school, trips to the mall, etc. You would still have to revert to gasoline on longer trips, though.  From this information, you know that hybrids have lots of positives. Although they are a good start, hybrids have their share of downsides. A hybrids performance lies under gas-powered cars performance. Its speed is slower and it takes more time to accelerate than gas powered vehicles. This car is also more costly due to the demand of the cars and it being new. Also, the fact that long travels will leave the hybrid to rely on fuel. So, although this technology is a good start, if used world wide, it would only prolong global warming and the day we run our of fuel for around 1 more century or 2. It won’t do on the long term. The electric car industry took it to a whole new level. Years ago, electric cars had terrible mileage and minimal speed. Now, the totally electric car is getting better. Most known electric cars have a 100-200 mile range. That can take you from NYC to Philadelphia and maybe even back in one charge,Some electric cars even have a 300+ mile range at full charge. Since they are 100% electric, they pollute at a very minimal amount. Although this technology is close to what we want, there are some downsides. First of all, prices start at $29,000, which is ok for middle and higher class but is a bummer for lower class. In addition to that, the electric cars that are this cheap are small(not suitable for a family) and some might not have good mileage at this low of a price. It’s not that bad though, as you can get decent mileage for around 40,000 dollars. The main problem would be it’s small size and how to charge them. How often do you see a public parking or garage with an electric outlet at every spot?