We has surprised the world, and their proliferation of

We believe that in-order to come to
resolving this pertinent issue we must first look at its origins and factors
that are contributing to this Crisis. We must understand the motives behind North
Koreas development of its nuclear program. We hope to discuss all the dynamics
of this vast topic and believe that the North Korean Crisis at hand needs to be
defused immediately before things start to escalate more; and hope to see a
peaceful conclusion a-rise.

Russia believes that this situation needs are utmost attention
immediately and we believe that North Korea poses a threat not only to the
Korean Peninsula but to the rest of the world. However, Russia completely
supports the fact that North Korea should be able to have its nuclear program
as a means for producing safe and clean energy and as a right to self-defense but,
believes that it needs to be regulated. Despite this, we completely condemn the
missile tests that North Korea carry’s out in the open and believe that they
must come to an end. The Federation of Russia strongly believe that though the
UN imposed sanctions on North Korea; is a counter-productive act that will only
aggravate the issue more, effecting not only the regime of NK but the people as

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, otherwise known as
North Korea, is a Communist state that has been creating headline news in recent
years, regarding the state of their nuclear weapons program.  In past years, the United States has played a
very critical role in escalating tensions with North Korea by placing more than
30,000 military assets in the Korean peninsula (South Kore and Japan) as well
as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ballistic missile, which is known to
be one of the most advanced missiles of the United States. The rapid
development of North Korea’s nuclear missiles program has surprised the world,
and their proliferation of these nuclear weapons is planting fear into the
minds of the world. North Korea has claimed to develop such Inter-Continental
Missiles that are said to reach as far as the United States of America. Its’s
weapons program is growing rapidly in fear of going to war with the United
States. North Korea is discriminated against and is blamed for all the chaos in
the world today, their leader is ridiculed, called crazy as well as a dictator.