We automobiles hold a substance that can harm our

We use cars in our daily lives. It is a useful tool that allows us to get to and fro easily and efficiently. We think of these vehicles as something that we can’t live without. But, little do we know, these automobiles hold a substance that can harm our planet and our health. The substance that I am talking about is gasoline. We don’t really see the harm that gasoline causes because it is done in small amounts. However, the overall harm that gasoline generates will be very visible in the future. There are many reasons why we should switch from gasoline powered cars to electric cars.  To begin, gasoline will eventually run out. You may have never thought of this, but the substance that powers most vehicles will, one day, disappear. Gas is made out of fossil fuels, which is a fuel that is created from dead plants and animals. Unfortunately, we are unable to produce more fossil fuels, which makes it ‘non-renewable’ (energy.gov). There are three main types of fossil fuels: natural gas, crude oil, and coal (madefrom.com). The fossil fuel that makes up gasoline is crude oil, also known as petroleum (wonderopolis.org). Our crude oil reserves are vanishing at a rate of four billion tons per year. If we continue at this rate, with no increase, our oil reserves will last, approximately, until 2052 (electricity.co.uk). This means that we only have 34 years to make the switch from gasoline to electricity.  In addition, gasoline affects your health. There are many health hazards that comes with using gasoline. Gasoline is a possible carcinogen. This means that it is capable of causing cancer. Gasoline has been associated with cancer of the blood and kidney cancer (ccohs.ca). But, that’s not all, skin contact with gasoline for an extended amount of time can result in burns (atsdr.cdc.gov). If the gasoline is inhaled, the nose and throat can become irritated. Inhalation of gasoline can also inflict damage to the nervous system, and severe exposure can lead to unconsciousness. Ingestion of gasoline can cause lung damage, and in very extreme cases, it can lead to death (ccohs.ca). The use of gasoline, is not worth the damage that it can cause to your body.Now,  people may think that the switch from gasoline powered cars to electric powered cars would cost too much money. But, the extra money that would be spent would greatly help the future of the planet. This is because, gasoline contributes to global warming and air pollution. The substance that is made when gasoline is burned contributes to air pollution (eia.gov). We may not have a lot of air pollution in America, but there are many other places in the world that has way more pollution than we do, due to the use of gasoline powered cars. Take China for example. In China, a place with a great deal of cars in the street, there is tons of pollution in the air (latimes.com). This polluted air is better known smog. Smog can make it hard for people to breath, especially if the exposure to smog is high. But, smog doesn’t only affect your health, it also contributes to global warming. Smog is pretty much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and since there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, heat begins to get trapped (education.seattlepi.com). This process is global warming. To cause global warming, there has to be a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide in the air. One gallon of gasoline produces about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide (ucsusa.org), and we use about 385 million gallons of gas every day (fool.com). So, if we do the math, we create approximately 9,240,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every day. If we continue on this path, we can greatly harm our environment.