we a way to getyourself in a good headspace

we need to all choose today our attitudechoose to be positive today is a new daytoday is a day for you to begin creatinga joyous fulfilling lifetoday is the day to begin to release allyour limitations today is the day foryou to learn the secrets of life you’regoing to get breaks that you didn’t seecomingproblems that you thought were permanentare suddenly going to turn around youare not going to go through lifeconstantly struggling pressure weighteddown by problems this is a new dayease is comingthe thing we have to get up every dayand realize is it’s what you do fromhere on out that matters then it’s aboutwhat do you do today what do you dotomorrow what do you build tomorrow howmuch energy do you bring to the gametoday your only goal as soon as you openup your eyes is to be to make yourselffeel good and to give yourself enoughconfidence to get through the daydon’t worry about what needs to be donethink about who you have to be in orderto get it done I want you to rememberwho you are you are a hero you arevictorious you do have power you do havework you do have value you matter yourpresence in this earth is required andneeded you have to know this and youhave to get up every day and the personthat looks back at you in the mirror hasto affirm those very things I just spokeover you because it’syou are affirming and creating your lifeexperiences with every word and everythoughtMusicit is time for all of us to wake up andto begin to consciously create our livesin a way that pleases and supports usyou can do it I can do it we can all doit so I need you to find a way to getyourself in a good headspace that isthrough gratitude practice that isremoving your body that is throughtaking care of yourself the mostimportant thing you can do is win themorning just win the morning man I thinkthat’s true for all of us even highperformers like I don’t have my morningroutine game I feel you know out ofsorts so I think it’s true for everybodygot on your morning you got to win itbecause that starts and sets upeverything else I know you can youbelieve that as well like people needthat discipline those routines that willhelp the rest there they go better andyou do this by focusing on all thethings that you’re grateful for focus onwhat’s working in your life rather thanfixating or what is it working maybeyou’re grateful for the person that’slying next to you maybe you’re thinkingof your children maybe it’s a dog lyingon the side of your bed maybe listeningto the birds outside you window it’s thewonderful house you live in maybe it’sthe wonderful organization that youbelong to it doesn’t matter what it isyou just feel it with your heart and soyou build from there and you keep goingwhy do I want you to do this becausegratitude is the most powerfulconnection you have to your higher-selfyou always always want to start your dayconnected to this higher selfand when you do when you do life becomeseasier you don’t take things personallywhen you’re confronted with a challengeyou just look at it for what it’s worthit’s a challenge everybody’s confrontedwith challenges and you know thatthere’s something within you that canmeet it and overcome it and move forwardas a result of it you need to appreciateevery moment and in my soul and in myheart right now I believe we’re at agreat moment we’re a special moment finda reason to love it find a reason to getexcited find a reason to believe inyourself you are the greatest people inthe worldand the next thing that I want you to dosoon as you have this attitude ofgratitude going for you tell yourselfyou’re going to enjoy the day say it seestuff you know what I’m going to enjoythe day this is gonna be a good dayvisualize how you want your life to govisualize yourself having fun with yourfellow workers the people you’re workingfor who are working for you doesn’tmatter just visualize yourself achievingthe goal and always always find thelaughter within you and around you everyday of your life and that should startin the morning before you leave thehouseMusicwhat you choose to think about yourselfand about life becomes true for you andwe have unlimited choices about what wecan thinkI am the greatest who else is gonna tellyou they need to be quiet moments inyour bedroom quiet moments when you’rebrushing your teeth that we need toreaffirm I am the captain of my ship andthe master of my fate that is myaffirmationnow today this moment you can choose tochange your thinking it won’t turnaround overnight but if you areconsistent and daily make the choice tothink thoughts that make you feel goodyou will definitely make positivechanges in every area of your lifeMusicanother thing that could put you in agreat mood every day do something niceto somebody do something nice forsomebody find somebody today to lift upand say something great to find somebodyyour nose bent a little bit down andlift them up and say something kind tofind somebody that maybe you’ve had adisagreement with over time and historyand forgive them and move on I am free Iam home I am victorious quit tellingyourself this is so hardI’ll never accomplish my dreams I’llnever get out of debt this is a newyou are going to have a strength thatyou did not have beforeMusicrise and shine nothing would feel betterare you going to hit that snooze buttonor do you understand if you snooze youloseremember the reason why you set thealarm and get upEnglish (auto-generated)