Water the number of death and to give access

Water Aid

Water aid is a national
organization and in 2015 the United Nations launched the global goals for
sustainable development which made this organization an international. The
founders created Water aid in 1981. “We believe our vision
is within reach”. This organization is non-profit making.  Annual
Report and Financial Statements 2015–16

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Water aid help the
people to access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. “Globally,
2.6 billion people have been reached with safe water and 2.1 billion with
sanitation since 1990.” Water aid was
first established in 21 July 1981 and there first project was located in Zambia
and Sri Lanka. The organization started in two countries and now they are
helping people all around the world.     Annual
Report and Financial Statements 2015–16


Ownership and Liability 

Water aid is a registered as a charity. It`s not an organization which
earn profit. Liability doesn’t apply to Water aid as they do not have any
strategy to earn profit. As this suggest that no one has the responsibility to
own up to if the organization goes to debt.


Water aid
tends to employ workers to help the organization and try to reduce the number
of death and to give access to countries which have unclean water. As water aid
have and estimated figures of how much people they could save from death
because of the unclean water. The more employers and voluntary there is the
more fundraising which will enable them to help stop the diseases spreading
rapidly. “You are the driving force
behind everything we do.” The purpose and the aim of Water aid is to give
people in need of clean water and to reduce the number of deaths.




aid is an organization which provide tertiary which is providing a free service
to people. Water aid transport the water to the countries that need water to
save people lives also Water aid does advertising so people can fundraise to
the organization to collect donation to buy the equipment for the countries
that need help and support.




aid is an international charity organization which means that this organization
helps to solve water problems and reduce diseases globally around the world. In
additional Water aid works with 38 countries around the world which suggest
that this organization is international.




aid is mainly located around Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Water
aid is currently helping 38 countries and are willing to help other countries
in the future if more people are volunteering. 
Water aid started just national in the United Kingdom but in 2015 the
organization grew and was globally. There are many people that voluntary to
help in this organization and many of this volunteers are student from
universities around the United Kingdom. In the UK there is around 1000
volunteer network and has currently 820 staff in working around the world. This
suggest that Water aid is a large organization as they have more than 249






aid purpose is to:


provide clean waterTo
fundraise to help the need


aid is an organization which provide
clean water to the people that are in need of clean water. Water aid has a
slogan saying “Extreme
poverty won’t end until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets
and good hygiene.” This slogan shows how Water aid are successful as their
service is to provide clean water, toilets and hygiene for the people in need
of clean water across the world. Ken Caldwell is executive director which gives
advices to the office that are around the world on how to improve people lives
which reduces the number of death because of clean water. Now the organization is working more than
ever to provide clean water to the people that live in LEDC countries as the
number of countries have raised over the last 10 years this is because of human
nature or evil nature and as a result of this people are in need of clean water
and clean toilets. This will meet the organization aims by offering a service
to those in need of clean water. This is successful as we can see that Water aid
has provided 25.8 million people with clean water and 25.1 million with decent
toilet since 1981.  The organization is
growing rapidly with the success as in 2015 to 2016 they provided 1.9 million
people with clean water, 3 million with decent toilet and 4.7 with good
hygiene. https://www.wateraid.org/uk/facts-and-statistics

are 1 in 3 people on the plant that don’t have a decent toilet and 1 in 10
don’t have clean water. Water aid organization has a target of ending extreme
poverty by 2030 this supports Water aid to become successful organization as
they are focusing on a smart target which they can measure their success and
how the organization is supporting people this is why Water aid has grown fast
and is well known. This make the people to donate more as they don’t want
people to live in poverty and to make the people in need happy because the
people around the world are supporting them. Water aid are try to achieve their
target by 2030 by supporting people with everything they have. Water aid says “We couldn’t do the work we do without you.” This quote
encourages more people to donate more and fund for the organization to end
extreme poverty.


aid needs volunteers and works to employ to help the organization to fundraise to help the need this is
because the more workers and volunteer the more success for the organization
and the more money they would fundraise which will save more people from dying.

 We believe our vision is within reach:
a world where everyone everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene.” This
suggest that the organization believe that everyone will be safe and have clean
water. Water aid has a target that in 2030 the organization will end poverty in
the countries they are supporting. This is important as this suggest that this
organization has an aim so this organization is employing more works and getting
volunteers to fundraise at all time to achieve their aim by 2030.

and fundraisers collect the money to provide a service for the people in need
of clean water across the world.

Water aid
headquarters is located in London and their main office this is because the
organization stated from there and also London is located in England and this
country is an MEDC country which means more people are fundraising because they
are wealthy people. The organization have many activities to fundraise money to
support people. Some of the activities are water cycle, sponsored walk and many
more which people join to support the people in need and to achieve the
organization aim also achieve bigger volunteers which will collect more money.
Water aid website has all of the activities and fundraising they do and this is
updated at all time.




aid has external and internal stakeholders this is because this organization is
international organization which have offices and buildings all around the
world this is why there is important people in charge of the organization in
each country for example,




Robert Skinner- chair of Water aid Australia
and Water aid international Marc Robert- chair of Water aid AmericaDavid Mclnnes- chair of Water aid Canada Christina Jutterstrom- chair of Water aid
SwedenTim Clark- chair of Water aid UKRosemary Carr- trustee of Water aid UK


is executive director of Water aid international. Ken works with the Water aid
member’s CEOs and board to reduce the amount of impact and to develop water aid
global network. In addition to this ken is working to lead the Water aid
international secretariat.

aid has external like managers, employers and owners to keep the organization
going and to direct people of what to do. Whereas external are like lenders,
customers and debtors which support the organization by fundraising and help
the organization in any other ways.



employers are influenced by the people and mangers as they provide support
people in need. The people are the reason why all of the other stakeholders are
able to work in the organization as there would be no clean water for the
people in need which can lead to people dying. The employers positively
influence the charity this is by attending to the charity every day and having
a good punctuality which leads the charity to success and work more
effectively. This is by suggestions to their managers in meetings on how they
could improve the organization and to make the organization more successful.
However, if the employers are not happy or have complaint they could go through
the grievance process if they have problems. In addition if the employers are
not happy they can go on strike or find another job or employees can take their
employer to an employment tribunal resulting in a bad representation to the
organization which will lead the organization to fall behind.


organization is influenced by the managers as they lead their group or the
employees as well as people. The managers arrange meetings to show employees
their success and problems that the organization has. In addition, the managers
discuss with the employers and find solutions. The manager positively influence
the organization this is by arranging meeting monthly or weekly with the
employees to discuss the organization aims which lead the organization to be
successful and achievable. Also the manager influence the employees as they see
their manager as a role model. However if there is complain meetings can be
arranged with employers to solve the problems however if problems are not
solved it can result in an employer losing their job. This can lead to the
organization to fall behind because members of the organization are missing.


organization is influenced by the government as they grants to the organization
and supply the organization with water they need to support the organization
and to make the organization keep on. The government sees the organization
what’s there future aims and what problems they face and see how much they have
raised. In 2007 Water aid with grants of £25000 – £50000. The government
positively influence the organization this is by giving donation to the charity
which shows that organization is reliable and successful. This makes the
organization work effectively because the charity has a good reputation.  However if the government is unhappy with
anything it could affect the organization this is because reporting them or
stop donating money to the charity could end up that the charity is not
successful or trustable. http://www.waterloofoundation.org.uk/WorldDevelopmentExamplesMainWaterSanitationHygiene-WaterAid.html


organization is influenced by the local community as they donate towards the
organization to support the organization and the people in need. Furthermore,
the local community support the organization by fundraising and doing
activity`s to raise money. The local community positively influence other
donors to donor to the charity this is because if the local community are happy
with the organization they would recommend other people to donor to this
organization as they would mention the organization aims and success. On the
other hand if the local community are unhappy with the organization they could
report it to the government and this could massively effect the organization
this is because they could tell other people negatively about the charity and
if the local community report the charity it could affect the charity by having
a bad reputation.


organization is influenced by the service user as they help people and guide
them on where to pay or how to pay. In addition the service user help people by
giving people information about the charity and what the charity is doing. The
service user positively influence donors and people to donate to the
organization this is by helping people at all time and solving problems that
people have by telling them what to do. However if the service user are
untrained or not guiding donors or people that have a problem the service user
can affect people opinions on not donating towards this charity because of the
weak customer service they have. Service user are very important as they
represent the organization and guide people on what they should do.


organization is influenced by the families of the service user as they talk
about on how the organization is successful and what the organization has
achieved over the past years. In addition the families of the service user can
have a huge influence to the people around them and the community this is by if
people want to know about the organization or how to contact the organization
they could go to the families of the service user to ask for help and support.
On the other hand the families of the service user can negatively affect the
organization as they could miss guide people on how the charity is doing and
give unreliable information and figures.


organization is influenced by the donors as they have a huge role of
introducing this organization to people and to the community this is by telling
the people around them and how the charity is successful and reliable which
will persuade other donors to donate to the charity. However if the donors
don’t recommend this charity to people or say that the organization is unreliable
making other donors don’t donate to Water aid.


organization is influenced by the board of trustee as they have a big
responsibility to look at the area that they are located in this is by looking
after the employees and see if they have any difficult with the employees that
they are working with. In Water aid they have six board of trustees and they
are located in six different countries. For each board of trustee they are
responsible on how the charity is going in the area that they are located it
and making sure that the charity is successful. However the board of trustees
can affect the organization by not looking at the employees and are not up to
date with what the charity has done. This could have an impact on the charity
as the charity may not be successful. The board of trustees are a stakeholder
this is because they are in the business and are working for the business. Also
the board of trustees have a big role as they are in charge of the charity and
to guide the employees and what they need to do.


Water aid organization has currently 820 employers in 38 countries where the
organization offices are located. This organization is recognised as a leader
in the field by the international NGOs, government and international agencies.
Furthermore, Water aid has worked with corporations of different sizes and many
sectors to create this successful organization. The organization can affect the
stakeholders this is because if one of the employer or all of the employees are
working in illegal way, this can affect the people in need of clean water this
is because this organization can close down which won`t give services which
leads millions of people to suffer.  https://twitter.com/wateraiduk?lang=en


aid is a successful organization this is because they are achieving there aims
by using social media to contact people or share the organization success and
as we can see that Water aid has 71.7k followers just in the UK and the
organization twits every week or two weeks. As we can see that Water aid
organization has tweeted 23.8k in a year. This is just one way of contacting
people on social media as Water aid has got YouTube, Facebook and many more.

website twitter is updated at all time and the organization update new
information with images and videos.  As
we can see on the image that many people are following this organization and
this twitter was just for the UK and all of the countries they support.
Furthermore, Water aid has many ways to contact the local communities,
volunteers, employers and even their board of trustees as this is a benefit way
because it’s easier and faster way to contact each other. Some of the ways they
contact each other are letters if it’s formal or emails if it’s informal or
even by voice. Water aid has powerful relationship with all its stakeholders as
on their website there is images of people excited and cheerful because they
are supported by the organization and the people around the world. Water aid
are update with its shareholders this is by ensuring that their information is
always updated with their annual report. https://twitter.com/WaterAidUK?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor





Water aid has a stong relationship with its stakeholders
this is because the organization is in touch with them at all time as they let
people know what`s going on. As we can see if you want to contact them on the email to find information
about the organization that’s not on their website as I tried this method and
within a day the organization replied back this shows that Water aid
Organization is reliable and successful as they support their customers and the
people in need.




the managers of Water aid there is conflict between the internal stakeholders
this is because one manager from one country may say that they should give more
donations for that country and the rest of the managers may disagree with each
other. By this conflict this can affect the organization to fall behind because
of the disagreement between the managers and affect the reputation of the
organization. These conflict have potential to effect the organization because of
the arguments which leads to failure for the organization which makes them
can’t reach there aims. To overcome the conflict between the managers they meet
up and discuss the problems that is going and providing figures which the
managers find a solution without disagreement which leads to the organization
to become more successful.

develop between the external stakeholders this is because some donators have
negative comments or some people can`t access the internet or don’t understand
much about technology this is why there can be conflict because the person
isn’t up to date which the person doesn’t hear much about the organization and
not knowing where his money is going. This issue can be solved by the
organization can send letters or leaflets through the post to people that
donate but can`t access the internet which the donates can be happy and know
where their money is going.





aid has a goal to provide clean water to people in LEDCs to reduce the number
of death and to resolve the unclean water so in 2030 everyone in the LEDCs
countries have clean water so the people can understand where to get clean
water or how to keep clean water so in the future families don’t lose the new
born baby because of unclean water. Since Water aid has opened this organization
in 1981 it has provided 25.8 million people with clean water and 25.1 million
with decent toilets. Water aid couldn’t have spread the organization around the
globe without people support and fundraising. In 2011 and 2012 the organization
has raised £55.8m in the UK from fundraising and spent £54m. As we can see the
fundraising and the donations that are collected feel appreciated and helpful
which would want them to aim higher so they can earn more to help more people.
I believe that Water aid are successful and strong organization this is because
they encourage and persuade the people that are giving the donation want to
give the donation to help other people. https://www.wateraid.org/uk/facts-and-statistics



Functional Area and Organizational Structure


The hierarchy structure
for Water aid organization shows different roles of people that are involved in
the organization and who is in charge of different groups for example the chief
executive is in charge of everything and in charge of the people that are below

My structure for my
organization is a hierarchical structure this is because the structure has many
levels of managers between the board of trustees this is because the
organization is big and it`s international. However, my organization is not a
flat structure because it`s not just one group that talk directly to the
trustee or manager.


The span of control is
how many people report to the director. There is two type of span which are
wide span and narrow span. The wide span is there is one manager and has many
people working for the manager and narrow span is a manager with fewer people working
for the manager which is a small group. Water aid organization is a wide span
because there is many people working for the manager.



The employees that work
in the in the finance sector of the organization are responsible for a wide
range of aspect involving money. The employees that are responsible for the
finance are accountable for planning and controlling the money so the
organization doesn’t get into debt. In addition to this keeping records and
accounts means they are responsible for reviewing daily on the transactions and
ensuring that all of the money given out is only for suppliers for the need.
The finance sector also has to manage cash by monitoring the money that comes
in and out of the organization. Furthermore, the head of the finance sector
collaborates with other members of senior staff to discuss the goals and aims
on how they can reach there aims and how to raise more donations. The finance
sector help the Water aid by making sure that the money is spent on the people
in need and the organization doesn’t get into debt. The Finance team help the organization to
achieve its aim by providing clean water by saving money through excellent
accounting practices. This means there is more money to spend on clean toilets
and hygiene. In 2015 to 2016 Water aid has raised £85.5m and £83.5m of the
donation went on expenditure to provide clean water and clean toilets. This
suggest that only £2m went on operating system to support Water aid keep going
and the rest of the millions was spend on expenditure to provide people with
the equipment.