Walter because of its vegetation and all those animals

Walter Thilo Deininger National Park, is one of the most protected parks in El Salvador due to all the people that wanted to cut down their trees and kill their animals so the government of El Salvador decided to put the park in a “danger of extinction” zone so that if anyone tried to cut their trees or kill the animals within the park, they will have to pay a fee or go to jail. That way the general administrators of the park saved the park for many years and now it’s one of the most protected and recognized parks in El Salvador. This park is located in San Diego, La Libertad, many people have gone there and they like it because of its vegetation and all those animals that they have never seen before. The park is approximately 1,047 acres, it’s actually one of the largest parks in that area; and one of the few parks in that country. People from a lot of different countries go there all the time and most tourist say that they also like the climate of that area, it’s really hot but at the same time fresh because of all the trees in there, sometimes it gets windy giving a fresh ambient to the place. There’s also a lot of rain in the winter and springtime due to its humidity, then the rest of the year it remains hot and fresh. Something that it’s really interesting is that even though the park is located on top of a rocky surface, there’s still some remnants of the first vegetation of El Salvador. Walter Thilo Deininger was born in Guatemala but moved to Germany when he was 5 years old because where he lived there was lack of education so his parents decided to move to Germany so that he and his siblings could have a better education and so that they could learn German later on they decided to move to El Salvador. At the age of 21, he took the responsibility of the family business. He did lots of charity labor and donated lots of territories in El Salvador so that the kids could have a good education since he couldn’t when he was young and he knew that the people there were poor so he helped them to get a good education without having to pay anything.Some places that he donated were:Colegio Santa Isabel, de Cojutepeque.Hospicio de Belen, Santa Tecla.Colegio Espiritu Santo, de San Salvador.Escuela Secundaria de Quezaltepeque.He donated so many places to El Salvador including the “Walter Thilo Deininger” national park he even gave the park his own name, he probably wanted people to remember him but who wouldn’t remember a person that did so many things for the poor, he might not be famous in society but at least he was for the ones he cared for.       There are lots of parks in El Salvador but this one is distinguished for its animals and plants. There are many plants and animals in there, for example, there are medical plants like (La Hoja de Golpe, Palo de quina) and trees in danger of becoming extinct. There’s even a tree that has been there for 1,000 years but this doesn’t mean that the park has been there for that long, it means that the tree has been in the same spot for 1,000 years. There are also lots of animals there, there are around 70 different species of birds and 20 different types of amphibians, for example, Racoons, Cuzucos, Masacuata, Tepezcuintles, and Garrobos, those are some of the species in danger of extinction.Even though El Salvador isn’t a big country or a place where everyone would like to go, the tourism there is big due to its parks, museums, beaches, water parks, etc. but the Walter Thilo Deininger National Park is one of the most visited at the time because there’s a lot of history in there and people like to know more about it. They also like the fact that they can camp inside of it and they can make bonfires wherever they want as long as they don’t do it near the trees.