Waking at my dirty hands covered in dirt getting

Waking up in a bed head hurting and confused out of my dead brain cells asking myself “What? What happened” The doctors by the door told me that I’ve been sleeping from a critical brain damage after being hit in the head by a baseball bat. My reaction when the male doctor told me was speechless no words to say, laying my head back down on the hospital bed gazing up at the ceiling as back of my head is still pounding hurting from noticing I was hit really hard with a baseball bat seeing bandages wrapped around my head. Ugh do I have to stay here in this bed for a while till I’m healed? Asked the doctor. “Yes but your head is healing pretty quick” ah good, the doctor walks out of the room closing the door as I look out the window on my side in bed enjoying the beam of sunlight going through the window and the flowers move slow from the breeze of the wind.Closing my eyes slow taking a 1 hour nap for my head to be relaxed on the pillow, falling into a dream seeing myself on the ground opening my eyes looking down at my dirty hands covered in dirt getting myself up slowly standing on my two feet, “Wh-where am I?” asked myself, I decide to walk 10 steps forward looking around seeing just trees and nature but suddenly. I hear explosions and shooting going on far away from me, ducking down behind a big rock peeking to see where it was coming from, seeing 2 guys fighting each other with melee weapons hearing them groan and yell pushing each other away but the first guy gets stabbed in the stomach from the second guy.My eyes widened of what I witnessed with my two eyes, going back to hiding behind the rock looking around for a weapon, grabbed a random big stick on the ground next to me holding it with both hands shaking in fear hoping he doesn’t come walking over here by the rock trying to not breath heavy or loud closing my eyes tightly telling myself “I need to wake up I need to wake up, this dream isn’t post to happen” but out of nowhere he peeks behind the rock where I was hiding hitting him hard on the side of his face with the big stick swinging fast.Waking myself up after 1 hour of rest opening my eyes noticing its night time, “Ughh! I slept past 1 hour” well my head does feel better now so I guess I can go home now.Taking off the bandage off around my head and slowly getting off the hospital bed walking to the exit of the hospital building exiting heading outside walking to my car, unlocking my car with my keys opening the front door of my car getting inside sitting down laying my for head on the steering wheel sighing to myself “Ugh I didn’t get enough sleep, after I get to my house heading straight to bed” saying to myself.Starting up my car backing up from the parking lot driving off home turning on the radio in my car. After 30 mins of driving I come to my house parking my car in my driveway, walking up the front door of my house at 1:00 AM in the morning my eyes feeling dizzy and tired still have a migraine as my head is still pounding a little bit, taking my key for the front door unlocking the door opening it, walking inside as my house is dark with barely any light “Damn it’s so dark barely can see anything in here” switching on the light of my lamp on the wood table “There that’s better” Throwing myself on the couch covering my eyes with my elbow leaving the lamp on.”Can’t believe that I slept for 25 years all because I got a critical brain injury from a random person hitting me in the head with a baseball bat, surprised that I didn’t get any bills or taxes to pay from sleeping for 25 years in the hospital” Laying up to take off my jacket hanging it up on the hanger by the front door and turning off the lamp light to head upstairs in my bedroom closing the bedroom door turning on the switch for the lights in my bedroom to straightening my sheets sitting down on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes setting them down next to me in bed.”Well I guess it’s time for a fresh start off of my life” I say to myself walking over to the switch to turn off the lights sliding myself in bed under the sheets to get plenty of more rest for my migraine.After sleeping for the rest of the night my clock alarm starts beeping as its 7:00 AM in the morning. “Ughh yea yea I hear you already clock alarm” Placing my hand on the button to turn the beeping off lifting myself up off the bed rubbing my eyes to make my vision not blurry, getting out of the bed putting on my house shoes or I must say slippers so I can get comfortable getting ready for a new day.Heading to the kitchen to make breakfast making a nice hot coffee sitting down in my living room watching the news, today I feel like its gonna be a simple start off of a easy day since I slept 25 years waking up from a critical concussion so I believe in myself that I can start off my first day  simple and easy, I finish my breakfast putting my dishes in the sink to wash right after I get home from work, changing into my work clothes grabbing the keys and my coat, lunch bag heading into my car and drove off to work.Parking my car into the parking lot of the factory I work at “James Factory” the name of the factory, “Ahh don’t I miss this place” saying in a sarcastic way I try to remember the people that I am friends with trying to remember the names of the people that I love as friends but my head starts to hurt a little while trying to remember so I just don’t bother with it and just focus on working getting through the day without having to use my brain a lot. Walking inside the factory setting down my lunch bag on the table opening the medium size fridge that is built inside the lunch break room putting my lunch bag inside the fridge so that my food won’t get spoiled from the hot heat that is inside this factory, closing the fridge and walking to my station to start working, what I do in my station you must ask?All I do is place items in boxes and slide them on there way on the convor  “Ugh at least all of this easy work pays off with a good payment” after 5 mins of working my boss calls me to his office, I look up at the speaker and sigh hoping that it’s nothing bad or anything so I just walk out of my station to my bosses office, opening the door slightly and closing the door behind me Yes boss? saying it a afraid tone.”Sit down” the boss says, I sit down on the chair in front of the desk looking at him, “Where was you I was calling you like tons of times but you didn’t answer?”  Sorry boss I was in the hospital because I had a bad cirital brain injury concussion from being hit hard with a baseball bat by some man that I don’t remember why or what happen back there when it happened to me.”Oh then that explains why you missed 25 years of work, luckily I didn’t fire you because you’re the best factory worker in here” Thank you boss for not firing me, I say in a happy tone smiling at him.”You’re welcome, not that’s all you can go back to work till it’s time you can leave to go home”, Getting up off the chair and opening the office door closing it behind me while I leave to go back to my work station.After hours of work it was time for me to head home, I was exhausted and tired so I get in my car to start driving home parking my car in my driveway walking up on the front porch of my home getting out my house keys unlocking the front door heading inside closing the front door behind me locking it taking off my jacket and shoes off.Suddenly my vision begins to go blurry while walking up the stairs to head to my bedroom placing my hand on the wall while walking inside my bedroom passing out falling on the bed passed out, seeing myself back in this dream I had when I was in the hospital, I look down at my hands again holding the big stick when I smacked the dude beside the head dropping the stick on the ground next to the dude passed out or dead on the ground, begin running forward losing my mind saying to myself loud in a confused way “Where am I where the heck am I why am I having this dream!” while running come across a town I wonder around asking a lot of the people where am I at why am I here  in this dream but no one answers but only one female answers my question saying “You’re in this dream too” responding with a answer Yes? I am in this dream too, why? Is everyone else in the same dream too?. “Yes because when you slept 25 years the government decided it was a great idea to place this tiny chips inside our heads that places us in this dimension, this world where In as a dream, they call it The Hunger games that is why you’re here”, Oh no no is there a way to take this chip out of my head? “I’m sorry to say but no there is no way, if you try too then you’ll be dead because the chip is tiny that you’re gonna have to dig it out but by the time you find the chip you’ll be dead” I sigh and look down staring at the ground afraid.”I’m sorry to tell you this information of why you’re here but at least you ain’t the only one who has it mostly the whole world has it too” I guess, thank you for telling me, what’s your name by the way? “My name is Kyle smith, your name is?” My name is Gale Hawthorne nice to meet you Kyle smith. “Nice to meet you too Gale” We shake hands gently and slow. “Do you have a home to live in” No I don’t I just popped up on the ground in the middle of that forest over there on the ground. “Oh. Well you can live here with me if you want” Ah sure thank you. “You’re welcome” I walk inside looking around, This is a nice home you have here “Yeah it’s pretty old too” Well at least you have a home and I don’t since I randomly see myself on the ground in the middle of nowhere. “Haha I guess that makes sense”I lay myself down on the couch saying to myself “I guess it’s time for another hell to begin in this strange dimension and  I must survive this till the end. My reaction when I found out about this is speechless and afraid of not making it out alive.