Visual situation so that I can relate these styles

                Visual learning is a style of learning in which learners use diagrams, pictures, and graphs to comprehend the concepts or information that is presented. Those who utilize this learning method excel at absorbing this information because just as the popular phrase states, a picture is worth a thousand words, and through these pictures, many can extract information that is not necessarily stated. Visuals can be used to accompany speech in presentations, lectures, and videos to allow for the visual learner to understand the information. They use these visuals as the context so they can fully process the information as a whole, rather than many bits of information without a solid idea behind it. In my experience, I have found that using images and diagrams helps me create solid ideas of concepts presented in lectures and labs.    Creating models, lab work, and role playing are all types of tactile learning that help those who work best by doing rather than seeing or hearing. People who would rather participate in activities than write notes or listen to lectures tend to be Tactile learners because they learn best by figuring concepts out through hands-on work. Tactile learners can be seen in places such as internships and Automotive classes because those activities provide a hands-on way of learning a subject which is particularly essential for this style of learning. While in school I have found that labs help me understand the information provided in lectures because they consist of activities that help a person like myself process this information through hands-on activities that allow me to work with the material provided in the lectures.    In my essay, I Plan to use sources that include research reports, analytical reports, and journal articles. I plan to use research reports as a factual information source to assist me in proving the similarities and differences because these facts are good as a solid evidence of my points. The use of analytical reports can further help me explain how the learning strategies are used in each situation so that I can relate these styles to my own experiences. Using journal articles I can bring in other opinions to the essay that can allow for me to gain a better understanding of the styles and can contribute to the backup of the research reports.