Visual a bright luster as one move across the

Visual Elements,
Materials, and design of Prada Miuccia Retail space

Prada also collaborates with
architects to develop unique stores across to sell her products. The boutique
that is located in Wynn Esplanade is a design that shows the tradition of respected
design and unique architectural work. To increase her competitiveness in the
fashion industry, Prada uses design to enhance the beauty of the stores and
improve the appearance and arrangement of retail stores example fig. Prada stores are spread across 70 countries worldwide with more than 600 stores operating as a
retail outlet.

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The Wynn Esplanade store in Las Vegas is built with
marble and steel ode bringing a beautiful image and luxurious style of the
Prada Empire. Its entrance is designed and dedicated to Women. The signature
black and white marble floor opens up the customers’ world into a fabulous art
piece. The texture of the floor is smooth bringing a superb mental picture of
people who access the store. The entrance to the store is a large octagonal
space with well-crafted floor and walls. Space is furnished with polished steel
display cases that are used to display leather goods and accessories in the
fashion store. Furthermore, architects use Marquina drawers that create a
serene view in the shop. The green-clad walls also added advantage to the
designs used in the retail stage. The walls are created using shiny materials
that create a bright luster as one move across the retail store. This iconic
display creates a serene scene that displays the various products such as
leather goods, accessories, and jewelry.

The male collection area is
introduced by the mirrored portal. These spaces are covered by bright- steel
display to introduce to present a beautiful overlay of the retail space. The
green ostrich leader sofas are spread across the building. These sofas offer a
platform where clients can relax while testing the different products. The
different areas that are set for the sale of various commodities are separated
using unique pieces of art, and this helps in dividing the retail space into
well-managed spaces resulting in improved appearance of the building. The
building lighting is well designed to create a relaxed atmosphere that is
soothing and well ventilated.

collaborates with different architects to create creative commercial stores
that promote the vivid display of product boosting sales. Collaborations
between architects and fashion designers have added a layer of quality on the
commercial project that is sold in various