Visitor centre and the green environment that feel of

Visitor 1

“It is a wonderful
centre and have many art pieces. Great cultural exchange trough art, you can
check out the expressions of the Malaysian artist. The space is an
extraordinary old building, straightforward yet modern, excellent greeneries
and a garden to unwind.

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Visitors 2


We came here for several
times but we did no watch any show. We love the environment here along with the
lovely buildings and its ponds. It is really worth to enjoy the dose of
crumbling colonial buildings, adaptation of entrepots to performance centre and
the green environment that feel of urban chic area.   


Visitors 3

Retained the
feature of original setting but combined with contemporary structure. It is
good the theatre hall play an important role as a place to many cultural



It is a nice place
savour the local scene. The old building have been transformed into a
performance theatre. The building is renovated and rooms were provided for
public to learn during the weekand. This building have four storey which have a
nice café on the ground floor and a restaurants nearby art centre. It is worth
to have a visit.



I have no
idea about art, but my girlfriend know art and she really enjoyed in KLPAC.  The place is peaceful and beautiful view. It
is a difference experience for me and I will come back here again.



daughter and I spent an evening here and experience the local cultural music. It
is difficult for uber drivers to find as it is hidden away.



It has
typical Malay Architecture with a high ceilings. It is a must visit place for
cultural enthusiasts and a great venue to take nice photo.


Visitors 8

Good adaptation, ballet
here at fairly affordable prices.



in greenery. It located away from the noise and busy of the city. Local and
international talents can having their artistic performance at here. There is a
café where one can enjoy the nature environment.

Visitors 10

I love the environment here and the building as well. The place is
beautiful and many people have gone here for pre-wedding photo shooting. Amble
parking space. I like there is no strict dress code. It is better to drive
there or have cabbie drive you inside because there is quite a long distance
from main road to KLPAC. It is quite dangerous at night.