Virus your computer, then you should back up. Back

Virus checking
software: Use latest version of anti-virus
software. Update your          antivirus
software regularly. Use internet security software and anti-spyware software            too.

up your computer: if
you have a valuable data in your computer, then you should back up. Back up can
safe your data from corrupting the system or destroy t the data by viruses. You
can back up your files or folders in 3 different ways. You can back up your
files in external hard drive or you can use cloud storage. Another way to back
up your files are online backup service.

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Identity Theft: the most common cyber-crime activity is identity theft. The
criminal obtains someone else’s personal business details to position as the
rightful owner and gain access to their bank account. Another reason of
identity theft is diversion of financial assets. Criminal trying to divert the
financial assets of an organisation and to use this in illegal money
undertaking activities.

Prevention methods:


Use encrypted websites: when you use a webpage and put some
confidential information or security data, before using, you have to make sure
website is secured to give your confidential information by looking at it’s
been encrypted or not. Look at the data; is it public or private.


Use authentication controls: Use authentication controls to protect against fraudulent in e-commerce
business. Use two or three steps of identification of verification. High
confidential data’s access should be controlled by password. Use strong password which one is difficult to break.


SSL: SSL stands
for ‘secure sockets layer’. SSL is a computer networking protocol for securing
connections between client’s application network and an insecure server’s
network. Due to enormous amount of protocol and application flaws and
vulnerabilities, SSL was deplored for use on the internet and has been replaced
by Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Secure Sockets layer uses a combination of public key and symmetric
method encryption to protect a connection between a server and client computer.
One is mail or web server and a client system, transferring data over the
internet or another TCP or IP network. SSL delivers a Mechanism for encrypting
and verifying information or data sent between a tasks running on two machines.

Secure Socket
layer runs above the network layer and the transport layer which are
responsible for the transport the data between over the server and client
network, and respectively, below the Simple Mail Transport Protocol and the
Application Layer Protocol such as HTTP.

The Threats SSL Prevent: SSL technology can manage the security
and confidentiality of transmissions. Data which one is being transmitted is
efficiently encrypted, and later decrypted at its targeted destination.