Victimless legal offense in which all parties consent but

Victimless crimes, also known as consensual crimes, is a legal offense in which all parties consent but has no victim. The parties involved are voluntary acting and may be consenting adults. Victimless crimes such as, prostitution, is considered legal because as the general attitude it does not specifically and directly harm another person and is sex between consenting adults. Though in reality this is a myth. Prostitution is not a victimless crime but rather a crime where women are victimized on an hourly basis where it may even cost their lives if the government doesn’t interfere

            “Melissa Farley, PhD of Prostitution Research & Education, argues that prostitution is hardly a victimless crime. Farley says that prostitution is sexual harassment, rape, battering, verbal abuse, domestic violence, a racist practice, childhood sexual abuse, a consequence of male domination of women and a means of maintaining male domination of women.” (Montaldo) Prostitution is a lethal form of violence against women and is a violation of their most basic human rights. Katie Pedigo, a Executive Director of New Friends New Life, a nonprofit that works to transform the lives of trafficked teens and exploited women states a stated that:

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It is rarely the media-approved version of prostitution, a sexy and highly-paid adventure where business is conducted at upscale bars and in hotel rooms; though some sex workers do have that experience, most do not. For the vast majority of prostituted women, prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered. (Pedigo)

Many still believe prostitution has no victims, but these statistics may prove them wrong.  In a survey, “78 percent of 55 women who sought help from the Council for Prostitution Alternatives in 1991 reported being raped an average of 16 times a year by pimps, and were raped 33 times a year by johns.

62 percent reported having been raped in prostitution.
72 percent were currently or formerly homeless.
92 percent stated that they wanted to escape prostitution immediately.
75 percent of women in escort prostitution had attempted suicide.
67 percent meet diagnostic criteria for post traumatic stress disorder.” (Montaldo)

Many women said they were stabbed and raped after being beaten and some had to resume prostitution right after giving birth. “The influx of prostitution is mostly due to physical and sexual abuse, neglect of parents, care of local authorities, and drug addiction,” he said, “This information alone is not enough already.” (Matthews) Women in the prostitution industry are not only the most vulnerable people in society (especially in the case of street prostitution), but also those who have already suffered damage before the influx. “If there are those who are most in agreement with the word ‘damage’, it would be the women involved in the prostitution industry.” (Matthews)

The government should take action and require anyone that wishes to pursue this lifestyle to be tested monthly for any sexually transmitted diseases. Not only should they have the prostitutes tested but as well as their clients. If one does not wish to be tested, they should not be allowed to work be and also be encouraged to register in the future. The government does not keep track of these matters and people usually do not tell their partners that they contracted a disease. People would most likely venture out and experiment with strangers if there wasn’t a huge risk of contracting an incurable disease. Without this interference, more and more people will contract STD or AIDS without even knowing it. The government criminalizes these things but they don’t exactly help anyone. They would probably catch you doing illegal acts, lock you up and put you on probation, but will that stop people from prostituting?  “Governments should seize the moment to rethink their policies. Prohibition, whether partial or total, has been a predictable dud. It has singularly failed to stamp out the sex trade.” (A Personal Choice).

According to a small study, aids and abortion is the most common cause of death of female Cambodian sex workers and the death of their children. Mothers do whatever risky sex act they can for their children, “but because they are socially shunned or threatened with arrest, they often cannot get drugs that would prolong their lives or prevent them from infecting their babies.” (H.I.V. Stalks Prostitutes and Their Children in Cambodia) In other countries like South America, prostitution is legal but most third world countries force young girls to prostitute in order to provide for their families. A low percentage of girls will be able to get out of this lifestyle but the majority are found dead or go missing.

Roger Matthews, a prostitute researcher states,”The liberal approach sees prostitution as a form of mere labor and not only maintains a “non-judgmental” position on it, but also creates a “tolerance zone” where women are worried about arrest. This is an approach that allows prostitution without liberal position making it easier for women to assess their customers without fear of police crackdowns.” (Matthews) The most important example of such a country is the Netherlands, which is largely a marginal area on the outskirts of the industrial park. Matthews is completely opposed to the concept of legalization. Instead, he says, “a radical social welfare strategy is needed to decriminalize prostitution women while depriving them of the sex buyers’ willingness to buy prostitutes.” It is impossible to remove violence and coercion from prostitution, regardless of whether it is illegal or illegal,  and thus “the answer is to support the permanent detachment of women by cracking down on sex buyers.” (Matthews)

            Numerous studies on women who are prostitutes on the streets have emphasized that most of the women are dependent on heroin, crack cocaine, or both, and most except for very few want to quit sex. According to his research, street prostitution is the most dangerous of all the professions that currently exist. “Many of the women working on the streets are people who have suffered violence all their lives,” (Matthews) Prostitution women are 18 times more