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Healthcare information systems are increasing rapidly around the world. However, exist a special attention regarding security and privacy. This assessment will describe the methodology to research and identify issues relate to the topic and choose the best solutions.

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This assessment is summarized in research problem and literature, types of methodology, analyzes and benefits. Other sub-topics will be developed in this assessment to identify the main issues and their possible solutions according to our research. Based on problems described in this assessment our research will analyze two different methodologies, quantitative and qualitative, and suggest the solution based on our collected data. Furthermore, this assessment will state the benefits and limitations, and give a conclusion based on our analysis.

1.1 Research Problem and Reorganized Collected Literature

1.1.1 Research Problem Statement

As described, save EHR (electronic health records) collected in medical centers or hospitals through information systems represents a higher challenge relates security, privacy ,and accuracy information. (Bowman 2013) states that EHR has yet to prove safety and reliability regarding data saved, treatments, and their relevant use of statistical data to assist government and physicians. These issues should be the focus when a company starts the research to build a new software which will store the data of patients, nurses, doctors, and staffs. Nowadays, different challenges are faced by developers and software engineers, mainly regarding the use of cloud computing to share data, flexibility of accesses, and software development process. Cloud computing is the future of communication between software’s and people however, this technology has some security issues which should be considered and managed constantly. Additionally, the medical area is one of the most sensitive areas when we talk about collect and save data. These data are extremely important to governments, doctors, and society. Also, these data are private and should be protected during the whole process of treatment of patients. It means that the algorithm and structure of the software must consider using high levels of security and reliability.

1.1.2 Reorganized Collected Literature

Research Problem


Collected Literature

Security issues to save EHR in cloud computing

Risks in terms of the security and privacy of sensitive health records

(Rodrigues 2013)
(Kuo 2011)

Attack hackers and stolen data during transactions on internet

(Chiuchisan 2017)
(Rodrigues 2013)
(Kuo 2011)

Security issues during the use of the information system to save EHR

Security issues related to employees from medical centers such as staffs, nurses and doctors

(Bowman 2013)

Software Procedures and security controls

(Bowman 2013)
(Chiuchisan 2017)


Poor System Usability and Improper System Use

(Bowman 2013)
(Chiuchisan 2017)


1.2 Types of Methodology

1.2.1 Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

The medical area is classified as human area which means that many human actions and human interactions happen during whole process of treatment of patients. Usually in human areas, the qualitative method is better received and report best results because the human behavior and unpredictable situations can be detected and deep studied. On the other hand, some quantitative methods to collect data and create statistical analyses are necessary. As mentioned by (Bowman 2013) in his article, he described the percentage of errors occurred in EHR saved in information systems applied in healthcare and correlating this issue with security and reliability of these software’s. The quantitative method could be used in some evaluations of statistical results which include population, used medicines, time of treatment, consolidation dates, and any quantitative results. To measure security issues in medical area, privacy and reliability of the software, the articles chose qualitative method which specific surveys were created and also, specific documents to save the information coming from patients, nurses and doctors.

1.2.2 Type of Chosen Methodology

In this research was chose qualitative methodology to identify the issues and possible solutions for information systems applied in healthcare. This choose is more suitable to this research because the data from patients are extremely important to the medical area and also, the software needs to use the best ways to collect these data to create a good image of each issues of each patient. As much as possible the data must represent exactly what patients are complaining, thus the system can give the best answer to assist all team which are participating of the treatment. With this in mind, the use of qualitative methodology which considers behavior measures, dynamic questionnaires and, surveys possibility to extract more specific analyzes allowing collect consistent and assertive information’s to this research.

1.3 Review of the Existing Methodologies

1.3.1 Selected Sub-Problem

I chose ‘Risks in terms of the security and privacy of sensitive health records’ as the issue which needs more attention by software engineers and a new methodology can contribute significantly to avoid many security and privacy issues. This sub-problem can be managed by software engineers and project management which are part of the team workers, it means that the team workers can control directly this problem working together with providers and, organizations which will use the software.

1.3.2 Analysis of the Selected Methodologies

According to the articles, exist some important security issues in the process to store EHR in cloud computing, in this topic we have two main issues. These issues are easily identified and team workers must be focused to find the best solutions working together with providers. The main point is relating how assure that the data saved in a thirty-part provider is safe and assure the privacy. Many people have access to manage and interact with the data and it open a possibility to discloses. The second point is the communication between the software with the cloud server. Independent if the software is built to run in client-side or server-side, the data will be sent by internet. (Kuo 2011) states that cloud computing is becoming the most used technology to store EHR however, he suggested that this technology should be extensively tested and new protocols must be created to assure the privacy and security of data.

(Kuo 2011) related four points to followed by organizations which accept use thirty-part providers. These points are: management, technology, security, and legal. The article proposed a strategic planning method to deploy the concept of cloud computing which will be deployed to move the EHR from old systems. The strategy is based on three steps which are: Identification, Evaluation and, Action. Follow the model of cloud suggested: