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United Way Worldwide is the largest nonprofit organization by donations of local volunteers.   It was founded in 1948 by Walter C. Laidlaw.  It’s ran by volunteers now.  They started by donating to Detroit charities to form the United Foundation.  In 1963 it was United Way but not everybody liked it so in 1970 it was renamed to United Way.  After Walter C. Laidlaw died William Aramony became the new owner of this company.  This company helps the public, education of students, income for parents, and health.  For their education of students they donate learning tools, education material, and tips.  Income for parents they helped the veteran homeless to get homes, They freed $10 billion of taxes for people, and they helped children in Indonesia.  They donated 130,000 meals to kids in Sacramento, California,  10,000 medical people helped Uganda, and 60,000 people have health care in Atlanta, Georgia.I think this is a good non-profit organization because they give to people in   need.  They don’t use their money for stupid things like fundraising silent auctions, and like doing non-profit ads.  They raise 5 billion each year, 10.3 million donors worldwide, 2.9 volunteers worldwide.  I also thinks this is a bad non-profit organization because they get paid like thousands a year (525,000-532,000).  Their could be two sides to the argument because some people don’t think they should be earning that much money but some people gotta think that they help people worldwide and that’s not a lot compare to other companies.They get their money buy donations and they give it to people in need.  They donate to over 80 campuses, they read to schools, serving meals in food banks, etc.  They give awards for how much money the colleges raise.  They give awards for other things too.  These awards aren’t just for participation awards they are for the next generation.