Under can’t rely on a single activity/assessment to determine

Under IDEA, educators are
responsible for providing students with disabilities a free and appropriate
education. Students with disabilities are to be educated in the least
restrictive environment; their educational experience must be as similar to
developing students. Least restrictive environment requires that students with
disabilities are to remain in the general education classroom to the best extent

Yoko 3rd grade class
is inclusive; in legal terms, inclusion is closely related to the concept of
least restrictive environment. The students with disabilities (Maria, Sy, and
Burton) were provided the same learning experiences as those without
disabilities, for they participated in day-to-day routines alongside students
without disabilities to the greatest extent possible. For example, Yoko
instructed Maria to participate in group activities with her peers. Though
Maria was distant with her fellow peers, she participated with other members of
her group to the best of her ability. Although Burton and Sy were classified as
having a learning disability, the children remained in the general education

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Marias shyness related to her disability.

During phonemic and vocabulary instruction,
Yoko felt as though she wasn’t meeting Sy needs. She suspected Sy of having a
learning disability. Because Sy is bilingual, Yoko needed to ensure that his
first language wasn’t the primary challenge facing his acquisition of the
content. Yoko needed to conduct an evaluation on Sy. IDEA requires a team
approach towards evaluation. Yoko assembled an assessment team/child study team
consisting of the following interdisciplinary members: Sy’s second grade
teacher, a teacher of English as a second language, a special education
teacher, and his parents. IDEA requires that at least one teacher or member of
the team is knowledgeable about the student’s suspected disability.  

Yoko’s team utilized various
instructional techniques and recorded the results that best suited Sy. When
directing an evaluation process, IDEA specifies that team members can’t rely on
a single activity/assessment to determine special education eligibility. Upon
using different instructional strategies and activities with Sy, the team
followed protocol towards identifying him as having a learning disability. The
evaluation process is at no cost to parents.

Burton was very distracting
compared to other students. As a result, Yoko observed and utilized
interventions to help Burton control his behavior. IDEA recommends the practice
of positive behavior support. PBS reduces problem behaviors, minimize
punishment, encourage respectful treatment of others, and reduce the necessity
of suspension as a disciplinary strategy. Avoiding suspension reflects IDEA’s
views on inclusion. 

The principal decided to
withhold providing Yoko an aide for Burton’s target behavior. Instead, Burton
was observed by behavioral specialist. IDEA stresses the importance of only
providing special education services when the severity of the disability
requires as such for him to be educated properly. Therefore, Yoko’s principal
was following the guidelines of IDEA for providing Burton an educational
experience similar to the those of others without a disability.