Ubiquitous computing is context aware computing which have information

Ubiquitous system become popular day by day and developer focused on developing application which execute at different platform especially mobile phones, notebook, smart phones etc. Purpose of this application provide facilities and support for compilation of their daily tasks. Due to a lot of use of these devices into their daily life a centered service developed which monitored and control these devices and handle their connectively and technical issues. One area of ubiquitous computing is context aware computing which have information about the surrounding environment where it is used and react application according to it. Firstly, Concept introduced by Schilit and Theimer in 1994. They introduce the new type of application that have all information about its surrounding environment by getting context. It’s used GPS for get active map service that provide active location of the object and changing occur with the passage of time. They used context for location awareness and used Mobil application ability to discovered context information and react according to the environment. 2 sachlit defined that imported aspect of the context: where you are, who you are, who is with you resource available around you. 3 Its state that information of the context about current location is just on segment, and context is granted for affiliation between user and environment. Another researcher leiberman et al. State that context can be everything that directly affect the processing except resulted input and output 4.  With this we defined Context awareness is ability to the system that react according to the getting context and not only adapt application interface with the continuous changing of context also provide direct command according user input. In which Context is set of fact which defined the surrounding, environment, characteristics of an entity. Entity is a person, place or object which interact with application and get response accordingly.  Consequently, A lot of researcher and scientists continue work in the domain and struggle to enhance and expand the term of context. Context awareness has two approaches and further development occur in these two paths. There is different parameter in context which enlisted by researcher and developer are: location, user, activity, device efficiency, network etc. Application developer find the meaning of who, what, why, when from the context and by reasoning and preference program the application for reaction. Easy approach for Classification to context developer find different between physical and logical context. Physical context is getting and measured information from hardware sensor for example room temperature, movement of the object, location information etc. Logical context is one in which information gathered from previous context and knowledge like user actives, user interest, user feeling and priority etc. It’s difficult to conduct and classified the context information according to behavior