Two side, as World War I. But Mussolini had


Two months after Mussolini’s arrest, the Germans broke
him out of jail. He decided to flee to Switzerland, but a bunch of Partisans
found him and shot him.

On July 25 1943, Mussolini was deposed by the king and
his own Fascist Party because of the losses Italy had suffered. He was arrested
and sent to jail. His arrest was heard all over the radio. Germany decided to
attack Italy. The king fled the country without leaving the army orders. On 13th
October 1943, Italy finally declared war on Nazi Germany. Thousands of troops
were supplied to fight the Germans. But many refused to fight the Germans and
decided to fight with them and against the Italians.

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Like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini wanted Italy to become
powerful, he wanted Italy to become the new Roman Empire. In 1939, he occupied
the country Albania. In 1936, Mussolini allied with Adolf Hitler. At the
breakout of World War II, British wanted Italy on their side, as World War I.
But Mussolini had already allied with Adolf. In October 1941, Mussolini failed
to capture Greece as their counterattack proved to be relentless. On 11
December 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mussolini declared war on
United States.

Benito Mussolini was born in Dovia di Predappio, a
small town in the province of Forli in Romagna. His father, Alessandro
Mussolini, was a blacksmith. His mother, Rosa, was a Catholic schoolteacher. His
name Benito came from the Mexican leftist president Benito Juarez. In 1922, he
took power. He threatened to take over the government, King Vittorio Emanuele
III, gave in to his demands and made him the prime minister of Italy. By the
end of 1927, Mussolini had become the dictator of Italy. Only, the king and his
fascist party could question his power.


Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was born on 29 July
1883. He was an Italian politician and journalist. He became Prime Minister of
Italy in 1922 and remained Prime Minister unto 1943. He was also the leader of
the Nation Fascist Party.