TV nine years ago we immigrated to the new

TV was one of the powerful advantage technology that invented many years ago. After radio, television was the first projective social media became to every home. By coming of television industry in people life, the culture and social level of them has been improved. Although Italian organization claimed the poor quality of television programs is wasting time, watching TV improves our life toward the positive sides. I believe, watching television has good effect in our life because awareness us with variety of social cultures and updating us with daily news.I believe, one of the advantages of watching TV getting familiar with verity of cultures. Watching TV was very useful for our family when nine years ago we immigrated to the new country, and faced different problems in unfamiliar society. For example, my sister and I had a plan to start our education here, but we found out we will not able to pay college tuition. When we told the story to my father, he told us about a movie that he watched from TV. The story was about a girl in the United States who wanted to study in college, and her parent’s wasn’t able to pay her college tuition, but she got helped financially from her college. After my sister and I heard about the story, we went to the college, and asked them for financial help to start out education in the United States. This is one of the unforgettable story that we have from watching TV.I believe, Watching TV is not only for entertainment, but also we get aware of daily news. For instance, last Monday was a rainy day; my friend and I had a plan to meet each other in one plaza, and to go to shopping together. While I was getting ready to leave home, television broadcasted 101 freeway was close because the rainfall cause the landslide. Immediately, I called my friend and told her about the news, and we canceled our plan because the shopping center located in the area. This is one of the benefit of watching TV to keep us safe at home instead of driving in rainy day for nothing.As shown above, watching television has lots of benefits in our daily life. Watching TV is not only wasting our time, it also help us to be familiar with different cultures especially in new society and aware us what happen around us.