True and improved innovations. Fashion thrives on new innovations

 True Fashion brands have a legacy to design new and improved innovations. Fashion thrives on new innovations that challenge the fashion world. The abiding demand for change is the process that maintains fashions unique perspectives alive. Fashion senses the advancements taking place around the world and response to them cautiously and immediately. In the fashion sector, innovation is a continuous and almost infinite process; the emphasis should be on the necessity of innovation as a device of competitiveness for a fashion business.(1) These changes can be directly perceived in the way the individuals dress, giving unambiguous information about the wearers, their preferences, age, wealth, national aspects, etc. Fashion the most diverse industry, it changes and develops drastically creating the demand for new innovations. Fashions change. Styles emerge, become fashionable, and are eventually replaced by new fashionable styles. (2)?Creating change through innovated, uniquely designed apparel contributes to competitive advantages. Innovation is definitely important for the future development of fashion industry in the form of competitive businesses. (1) Businesses that are forward-thinking are change makers and lead the industry to new, sometimes astonishing, directions. Gucci, Coco Chanel, and Apple all came to the realization in order to thrive on top, companies must be willing to innovate to stay competitive. One of the core characteristics of fashion brands is an innovation which has been an essential aspect of fashion business for centuries. (1) As seen in the case of Tom Ford (Gucci)’s innovation, trends in fashion history was changed with a mix of tradition and modern innovation and Gucci became the hottest name in international fashion (3) Fashion is commonly thought to express individuality, and simultaneously to exemplify conformity. The dynamics of fashion lend insight into the dynamics of innovation more broadly.