Treaty of the US west into new territory began

Treaty of the Territory of Louisiana Thomas Jefferson,
the second president of the United States, has bought Louisiana from France for
$ 50 million (The current amount is $ 230,000,000). The territory of the United
States has doubled, buying about 828,000 square miles from France and what is
known as Louisiana is a long way from the Mississippi River to the east. The
Rockies to the west, and from the Gulf of Mexico to the northern Canadian
border, which is considered one of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest accomplishments.

             Hello, I am Asia I think a treaty should be
made for the territory of Louisiana territory from France. Because of the
purchase of French territory, the area of the United States is twice as large,
and more land is planted, allowing whites to own land and use African slaves as
agricultural laborers instead. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the
Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804-06), led by Meriwether Lewis and William
Clark, to explore the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, among other
objectives. Negotiations between France and the United States on the purchase
of Louisiana before the French Treaty with the United States were relieved by
French authorities. Let the Americans have the right to keep goods in New Orleans.
Because of the failure of France, it is possible for France to sell Louisiana
to America because of the financial difficulties that have brought Napoleon to
Louisiana and the United States. And the negotiations ended quickly, and by
late April, the United States agreed to pay $ 11,250,000 to France. By
exchanging America, America had bought Louisiana’s vast territory. The treaty
was signed on May 2. In October, the United States made a purchase and in
December France transferred Louisiana’s authority to the United States. And the
purchase of Louisiana at a price lower than three acres is considered a success
by Jefferson, and the expansion of the US west into new territory began in
1812, 30 April, nine years after the deal was made, bought Louisiana. Engraved
from Louisiana Territory It entered the Union as a US state, the 18th state.
And what is known as the Louisiana state of Rizal is Mississippi and the
Rockies. The purchase of Louisiana led to a growing population of trade,
mining, and agriculture. The fall of the Federally-controlled Federalist ruling
party led to the fall of the popular Federally-controlled Republican party,
Thomas Jefferson. Was elected to the third president and sworn in office. 1801
President Jefferson has been widely praised for promoting freedom of thought.
According to the Jeffersonian democratic principle, the concept of
constitutional interpretation is strictly based on the character. Has a policy
of decentralization to the government of each state? And promoting agriculture,
avoiding the commercial doctrine and industrial revolution in Europe. In the
same year, President Jefferson sent the diplomat James. Monroe to Paris to
negotiate the purchase of New Orleans from France. Which corresponds to the
Napoleonic era, the 1st Napoleon had proposed to sell all the colonies of
Louisiana. The vast land of French, Spanish and Native Americans. Jefferson
sees that Americans should have enough land to farm. So, decided to buy a
colony. In Europe, the Napoleonic Wars President Jefferson is trying to keep US
neutrality in check. However, US cargo ships were still being searched and
destroyed by the British authorities. And the British Navy kidnapped many
American men to join the navy in the battle against France called Impressment.
In 1807, the Privy Council of Brittany issued orders to the army. Britain led
the US forces to trade with France. Jefferson retaliated against the Embargo
Act in the same year. Americans were not allowed to trade with any European
country and their colonies. This policy put the US economy down, while England
and France were not affected by this policy. And the boycott law also made the
population less popular with President Jefferson and Republican. Until this law
was repealed in. 1810. But before the deal reached its final point, the
opposition party claimed that the constitutional amendment needed to expand its
territory. Jefferson agrees. But he saw that the executive power of the
president was sufficiently exercised.

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